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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C245a.jpg

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The doors open with a shhhh sound.

SE <<shhhhh>>

Shinji offers Rei’s new card to her

SHINJI:“This is your new card, Ayanami. Ritsuko-san asked me to give it to you…”.”

05 C245d.jpg

05 C245e.jpg

Rei snatches it out of his hand.
Cody MacArthur Fett: Rei is not really one for talking, is she? Seems a tad rude though that she'd snatch that ID card out of Shinji's hand without so much as a, "Thank you."

Azathoth: The briskness of Rei's motion here suggests she's a little more put out about what just happened than she lets on. But what specifically is irritating her - the groping? Shinji wearing the glasses? his babbling? him witnessing her looking stupid as she repeatedly swipes a nonfunctional card?

NemZ: I actually suspect that Rei was generally annoyed by Shinji’s existence from ep1 through the end of ep6. Merely by being here he is evidence of her failure to live up to the commander’s expectations.

thewayneiac: That's an interesting point; I hadn't looked at it that way.

Additional Commentary  

arael: I think it was not only Rei thinking about her failure about living to Gendo's expectations. True, she was fully willing to pilot the Eva 01 in Ep. 1, despite being maimed, eye-patched, bleeding and in a lot of pain.

Additionally, I think that she was experiencing that kind of jealousy that children have when their parents have another child. Was she afraid of being emotionally substitued by Shinji in Gendo's heart? Shinji is after all, his son... He should love him...

Kendrix: Look of how gentle-man like Shinji handles her the card after just wordlessly looking at her all the time. He summoned up all his courage, and then THIS XD

IMHO, this cut isn't meant to show any animosity on Rei's part - It's meant to illustrate that she has no idea of the concept of gratitude, something that she will be learning later. Everything is given so her so she can function and fullfill other's goals. It is the most normal thing in the world to her, but why should she feel gratitude if everyone is just furthering their own goals by investing in her? Only after Shinji starts being nice to her without gaining anything from her is it that she uses the word "thank you" for the first time and regrets not having said it to anyone before.