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Getting Authorization ~ "Hope"

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07 C184a.jpg

07 C184b.jpg

BGM End: E-5 [EVA-00]

Close-up of a warning display.
The flashing word DANGER.

CONTROLLER C:“There has been an anomalous occurrence within the pressurizer!”

ath: The presence of a pressurizer implies that Jet Alone is using a pressurized water reactor, the same type of reactor used in most nuclear-powered military vessels and power stations around the world.

Note that an anomalous occurrence in the pressurizer (a malfunction of a relief valve, which caused inconsistent readings from the instruments) was one of the primary causes of the Three Mile Island accident in 1979.

07 C185.jpg


Shredded wires dangle in the foreground.

CONTROLLER B:“The control rods aren't working!”

CONTROLLER A:“At this rate, we will be at risk of a meltdown!”

Tokita, dumbfounded, with the controllers closer to the foreground.

07 C186a.jpg

07 C186b.jpg


Tokita, dumbfounded, talking to himself.

MAN 1:“Primary coolant temperature still increasing! It's entered the danger zone.”

MAN:“There is a problem with the dual conduits!”

TOKITA:“...I can't believe it...
J.A.'s programming was designed to foresee and cope with every possible error... This kind of situation should not be possible.”

MAN:“The backup break system is non-operational! It's not switching over to manual control!”

MAN:“Recirculation pump output is not increasing!”

ath: You have no idea how many times I've heard that at work. (No, they don't let us play with nuclear reactors, unfortunately.)

07 C187.jpg


Misato with Tokita in the foreground.
She looks at Tokita as she speaks.

MAN 2:“Reattempting to inject the moderator!”

MAN:“No use! The sub-circuit isn't operating either!”

MISATO:“But the reality now is that we are facing the risk of nuclear meltdown!”

MAN 3:“Internal pressure has exceeded 21.5 percent! It's continuing to increase! It's not stopping!”

MAN:“The control system has still not recovered!”

07 C188.jpg


Tokita with Misato in the foreground.
His confidence and strength are gone.

TOKITA:“...Under the circumstances, waiting for it to come to a stop by itself is our only...”

07 C189.jpg


Misato, speaking resolutely (but not shouting).

MISATO:“How likely is it to come to a stop by itself!?”

07 C190a.jpg

07 C190b.jpg


Misato's chest in the foreground.
A technician responds immediately.

TECHNICIAN:“0.00002 percent!
It would be nothing short of a miracle.”

UrsusArctos: I guess the technician is an ex-Nerv employee, eh?

07 C191a.jpg

Close-up of Misato, at a slightly high angle.

Her first line expresses, perhaps, how this woman approaches life.

MISATO:“A desperate effort is better than waiting for a miracle!”

UrsusArctos: Mitsuishi's performance leads me to believe that she was cast as Juri Arisugawa in Revolutionary Girl Utena on the basis of this scene. Juri has the same attitude towards miracles as Misato.

07 C191c.jpg

She delivers her second line sternly! And with resolution!
(But not shouting)

MISATO:“Tell me how to stop that thing!”

07 C192.jpg

07 C192 crop b.jpg

07 C192 crop a.jpg


The two facing one another with rubble in the foreground.
(The two in silhouette)

TOKITA:“We've tried every possible method.”

MISATO:“No. There must still be a way to wipe out everything, a last-ditch measure. Tell me what the password for it is.”

TOKITA:“The password to delete everything is top secret. It's beyond my jurisdiction.
...I don't have the authority to disclose it.”

07 C193.jpg


Misato, resolute.

MISATO:“Then get the clearance!”

07 C194.jpg


Shift to considerably closer angle. Extreme close-up of Misato's mouth.


The Flying Fortress: When they zoom in on Misato's mouth like this, they seem to be giving her an air of authority. Almost as if she's taken control back from Tokita, in revenge for his humiliating her and Ritsuko.

07 C195a.jpg

07 C195b.jpg


Close-up of a telephone receiver.
The call light is flashing.

SE <<Briiiing>>

07 C196.jpg


Close-up of Tokita holding the receiver.

TOKITA:“It's me. Please get me Manda-san in Tokyo-2.
Yes, the Secretary of the Interior.”

07 C197.jpg


An opulent office.
A man on the telephone, with a woman who appears to be a secretary off to one side.

MANDA:“Oh, I've entrusted that matter to Yasugi-kun.
Ask him about it.”

FrDougal9000: The massive window, overall room layout and shot composition reminds me of the Japanese governor's office in EOE (right down to the secretary standing to the side). I wonder if this is the same guy; if so, maybe he took the credit for preventing this crisis and got promoted to an office with a giant pendulum.

imprimatur13: On that tangent, I've always wondered what the symbolism of that pendulum was. It looks symbolic, but I can't figure it out...

ath: Sounds like everyone's favorite triple-agent has a fourth job on the side...

07 C198a.jpg

07 C198b.jpg

07 C198c.jpg


Close-up of a golf ball.
Suddenly a golf wood strikes it.


07 C199.jpg


A man on a golf course with a haughty demeanor.

YASUGI:“I can't hand down such an important decision over the phone.
Could you submit a formal written request?”

Dr. Nick: If you look up the fanciest status symbols in Japanese society, golfing is pretty high up there. It was especially so during the bubble economy years.

07 C200.jpg


The group, listening, with the receiver cord in the foreground.

TOKITA (OFF):“So, I just have to obtain permission from Yoshizawa-san?”

07 C201.jpg


Closer shot. Close-up of Misato.
(She doesn't show it directly, but) she feels a measure of disgust. She speaks in a murmur, coldly.

TOKITA (RIGHT・OFF, DISTANT):“Yes, I've received authorization from Mr. Witz - Yes. ...Yes, goodbye.”

MISATO:“(In a murmur) Passing the buck, huh? (Overlapping)”

SE <<The sound of a receiver being replaced OFF>>

imprimatur13: This is an example of what makes NERV great. It's an organization run by idealistic free-thinkers, who aren't bound by bureaucratic red tape. (Gendo. The bridge bunnies are quite interesting folk too, especially Maya with her pillow, and Aoba with his long hair/air guitar.) They would fit in nowhere else, but NERV. (IIRC, Anno said NERV was based on Gainax, because of that attitude.)

Anyway, "Mr. Witz"? Sounds German... UN representative?

ath: Compare (and contrast) with the bureaucrats in Shin Godzilla. One of whom is supposedly the protagonist.

07 C202a.jpg

07 C202b.jpg

07 C202c.jpg


Tokita turns around and speaks.
He is a man earnest to a fault.

TOKITA:“From here, we'll be receiving a written authorization.
The operation will be made official.”

07 C203a.jpg

07 C203b.jpg


Misato, irritated.

MISATO:“We don't have time for that!
Anything we do will be too late once that thing has exploded!!”

07 C204a.jpg

07 C204b.jpg

07 C204c.jpg


An image of ruins occupying the entire screen. It quickly disappears off-screen, and the advancing J.A. appears (walking at fast speed).
It is alone in the wasteland, and does nothing but advance...

SE <<Resounding footsteps・also, the sound of the wind>>

07 C205.jpg


A long shot of the bunker.
The ceiling etc. has been destroyed. The monitor has gone dead, and the galleries are already evacuated.
The controllers have remained where they were. A large number of cords dangle from the ceiling.

SE <<(Sound of a buzzer) Breeeee>>

SPEAKERS:“J.A. (Jet Alone) is currently progressing in the direction of Atsugi.”

07 C206b.jpg

07 C206c.jpg


Misato looks towards Tokita and speaks.

MISATO:“There's no time left. From here on out I'll be acting on my own authority.”

WOMAN:“The rate of movement is increasing at a rate of 0.2 percent each minute.”

07 C207a.jpg

07 C207b.jpg


Tokita with a sullen expression.

MISATO (OFF):“Excuse me.”

He is dissatisfied, but he understands what Misato is saying.
Perhaps he is angry at himself...

FrDougal9000: Another thing to gush about Evangelion (besides for its production side) is its script. It's very concise, but says everything that needs to be said to help the animators, the actors and everyone else involved figure out exactly what they need to do. In this case, it really helps bring a lot more character and even a bit of subtle development to Tokita, who would otherwise be a no-name idiot that gets swiped aside when things hit the fan.

07 C208.jpg


Nameplate on the door of the waiting room:
"“206・The Party of NERV"”

MISATO (p.d.):“Ah, Hyuga-kun?”

07 C209a.jpg

07 C209b.jpg

BGM Start: E-1 rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

Misato changes clothes while talking on a red telephone (seems like she is taking off her trousers).
Her formal uniform is on a hanger in the foreground.

MISATO:“I've arranged matters with Atsugi, so get Shinj-kun and Unit-01.”

07 C210a.jpg

07 C210b.jpg

07 C210c.jpg

Ritsuko leaning against a wall with Misato in the foreground. Misato stands up.

Ritsuko is stunned but speaks to her remonstratively.

MISATO:“Send them here with the F-type equipment installed.
Yes, this is an emergency.”

thewayneiac: This must be some of that sabisu she keeps promising us.

ath: The Evangelion Encyclopedia seems to suggest that the "F" in "F-type equipment" stands for "fly".

07 C210d.jpg

07 C210e.jpg

Misato passes through the foreground.

RITSUKO:“This is pointless. Put a stop to this, Captain Katsuragi.”

FrDougal: I just realized that Ritsuko's watching Misato strip down to her underdress. That's not odd.

ath: That's definitely not odd. (from Die Sterne, for those interested)

07 C211.jpg


Shift to a close angle of Ritsuko. She speaks in earnest.

RITSUKO:“How, to begin with, do you intend to stop it?”

07 C212a.jpg

07 C212b.jpg

Misato in front of a locker.
Her hair is bound up in a ponytail.
She looks toward the camera and speaks.

MISATO:“(Earnestly) By human hand, directly.”

07 C212c.jpg

07 C212d.jpg

When she is done speaking, she flips a switch.

SE <<Kachack psssh>>

The door opens with a "“psssh",” and a protective suit can be seen inside.

07 C213a.jpg

07 C213c.jpg


A large-scale transport aircraft in the midst of descent.
It's a giant (STOL) aircraft dedicated for Eva transport.
Unit-01 can be seen on the underside of the aircraft.

SE <<(Engine roar) RROOARR>>

TOKITA (OFF):“Are you serious?”

07 C214.jpg


Misato and Tokita facing one another, with a surviving console in the foreground.
The guests have all escaped.


Misato is not wearing her helmet.

TOKITA:“But the interior will already be fully contaminated.”

07 C215.jpg


Close-up of Tokita in profile.

TOKITA:“It's too dangerous!!”

07 C216.jpg


Close-up of Misato in profile.
She speaks matter-of-factly.

MISATO:“If it works, everyone will be saved.”

07 C217a.jpg

07 C217b.jpg

07 C217c.jpg


The two, motionless, with the console in the foreground.
But, the silence is suddenly broken by an axe plunging into the console.


SE <<Crash! (plus the sound of glass breaking)>>

07 C218a.jpg

The remaining controllers, all together, entrust everything to Misato.

CONTROLLER D:“When this control signal is cut off, the hatch opens manually.”

07 C218b.jpg

Controller E, in the background, draws out a cord as he speaks.

CONTROLLER E:“You can get inside through the backpack.”

07 C219a.jpg

07 C219c.jpg


Misato nods silently
(with only her head turned towards them.)
There is suddenly heard a word spoken by Tokita.


07 C220.jpg


Tokita, his back turned, bereft of power and staring into space, with Misato in the foreground.

TOKITA (BACK):“That's the password to delete the programming.”

07 C221a.jpg

07 C221b.jpg


Misato speaks in earnest, with her gaze alone directed towards Tokita.

MISATO:“...Thank you.”

FrDougal9000: See what I mean with the script? In only a couple of lines of dialogue and brief descriptions, there's so much more conveyed than what most writers would take several exchanges to get across! Goddamn, I love this show!
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