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19 C173a.jpg

19 C173b.jpg

Inside a shelter. Shinji crouching in the corner. A family is before Shinji.

BOY:“Hey, are you okay? Mama?”

HOUSEWIFE:“I’m okay. Your papa and the others are fighting outside, they surely will protect us!”

4, 5 Year old Kids:“(playing, depending on mother ad libs) (to cut 174)

Background dialogue of refugees (to cut 174)

UrsusArctos: This shelter, it turns out, is inside the Geofront. How did Shinji get into the Geofront to confront Zeruel faster than it would take an Eva to reach the surface on those high-speed launch rails, that too after he was outside the city? Dramatic license or not, it's ridiculous. It would've made far more sense for Shinji to have never left the Geofront before Zeruel struck.

19 C174a.jpg

19 C174b.jpg

19 C174c.jpg

19 C174d.jpg

19 C174f.jpg

19 C174g.jpg

19 C174h.jpg

19 C174i.jpg

Shot closes in on Shinji.

ASUKA'S VOICE (echo):“A disaster drill? What are you, an idiot? That has nothing to do with us pilots.”

All of a sudden there’s large confusion on the screen!

SE <<ドガッ ツズン>>

Shinji’s reflex is to cover his head.

There’s confusion on the screen, Shinji raises his head.


4, 5 Year Old Children:“(being scared, crying ad libbing)

GIRL:“It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!”

BOY:“Mama! Mama! It hurts! Mama!”

HOUSEWIFE B:“No!!!!! Hitomi, Hitomi!”

MAN:“What’s this? M, My leg… It hurts! Save me! (to cut 175)

19 C175a.jpg

19 C175b.jpg

A family is crushed before his eyes by the head of Unit Two.

SE <<(action and menace)>>

SPEAKER (right):“There’s a direct hit in the 8th district!”

(agonizing cries in the background) (to cut 176)

19 C176a.jpg

19 C176b.jpg

19 C176c.jpg

Shinji is looking right at the pandemonium.

SHINJI:“(helpless voice) Aaaaaaa”

SPEAKER (left):“bandon the 6th shelter!! Those who are alive, hurry to the 3rd shelter!”

Missing numbers.

19 C179a.jpg

19 C179b.jpg

Marking Time, Waiting For Death (to cut 192)

The monitor beyond Misato. Unit Two is projected, with both of its arms gone.

AOBA:“Unit Two is seriously damaged! It can’t fight!”

MISATO:“And Asuka?”

19 C180a.jpg

19 C180b.jpg

Asuka inside the plug. We see Asuka’s head turned down.

HYUGA (OFF):“Safe! She’s alive!”

19 C181.jpg

Asuka is vexed at being unable to defeat an angel again.

ASUKA:“(muttering) ...dammit.”

19 C182a.jpg

19 C182b.jpg

19 C182c.jpg

The angel, on the inside, goes by the unmoving Unit Two.

AOBA (OFF):“The angel, its started moving!”

19 C183a.jpg

19 C183b.jpg

Misato turns her gaze in this direction.

MISATO:“Whats the status of Unit One?”

19 C184a.jpg

19 C184b.jpg

19 C184c.jpg

The lock bolt is disconnected. The dummy plug is inserted.

SE <<ガショーン>>

19 C185a.jpg

19 C185b.jpg

19 C185c.jpg

19 C185d.jpg

Unit One in the cage.

The head lock, being brought back in place.

WOMAN (speaker, right):“Dummy plug loading, complete.”

IBUKI (speaker, left):“The probe’s insertion is done.”

19 C186a.jpg

19 C186b.jpg

19 C186c.jpg

Ibuki and Ritsuko.

During this the monitor can be seen.

RITSUKO:“Start the contact!”


The main monitors change to “Alert” one after another.

SE <<(alarm sound)>>

Ritsuko looks in the monitor’s direction.


19 C187a.jpg

19 C187b.jpg

19 C187c.jpg

The synchronization graph seperating and fading out.

IBUKI (OFF):“The pulses are vanishing! The dummy’s being refused!”

19 C188a.jpg

19 C188b.jpg

19 C188c.jpg

Ibuki looks towards the camera and speaks.

IBUKI:“Its no use! Eva Unit One”

19 C189a.jpg

19 C189b.jpg

19 C189c.jpg

Closeup of Unit One in the cage.

The light in its eyes go out.

IBUKI (OFF):“won’t start!!”

SE <<(going out)>>

19 C190a.jpg

19 C190b.jpg

Ritsuko beyond Ibuki. She looks at the monitor and speaks.

RITSUKO:“...The dummy, Rei...”

19 C191a.jpg

19 C191b.jpg

19 C191c.jpg

Fuyutsuki being still.

He is in front of Ikari’s shoulder, who rises to stand.

FUYUTSUKI:“Aren’t being accepted?”

IKARI (OFF):“Fuyutsuki.”

19 C192.jpg

Ikari, from behind. Behind him, Unit One on the monitor.

IKARI:“I’m going to entrust this to you for a while.”

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