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Air Briefing ~ Boarding JA

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07 C222a.jpg

07 C222c.jpg

07 C222d.jpg

07 C222f.jpg


Auxiliary take-off boosters igniting. Close-up of the rockets!


UrsusArctos: For military nerds out there, the Eva transporter looks like a scaled-up Northrop XB-49, a jet-powered flying wing from the late 1940s/early 1950s. Rocket-assisted takeoff (RATO) was used during the turbojet era, but it fell out of service because modern turbofan engines generate their maximum thrust at sea level.

Additional Commentary  

ath: Wait, wasn't Northrop's aircraft called YB-49? If I remember correctly, the 'Y' prefix designates a prototype of an aircraft intended for production, while the 'X' prefix is reserved for purely experimental aircraft. That said, the distinction can be a little fuzzy at times (compare YF-22/YF-23 to X-32/X-35, for example).

The Evangelion Encyclopedia seems to be confused on this point. It notes the resemblance to a real aircraft they call "XB-49"; but seems surprisingly sure that the official designation of this aircraft in the Evangelion universe is in fact "YB-49". Does any official source confirm this?

UrsusArctos: Interesting! You're right, and I was mistaken. There's no XB-49, the designation jumps straight to YB-49. I suppose the XB-35 was meant to be the prototype to the YB-49 pre-production aircraft? This is new to me.

07 C223a.jpg


The large-scale transport aircraft taking off.


07 C224a.jpg

Missing Number

Out from a full screen of clouds (show for 12 frames), suddenly (use about 4 frames), when the clouds part, the giant aircraft can be seen. It is flying at a fairly low altitude.

SE <<Engine roar>>

ath: That plane is ridiculously huge. Assuming a Reichu Standard Measurement (RSM) for the height of an Evangelion unit of 40 meters, we can roughly estimate the wingspan of that aircraft at around 350 meters (almost 1150 ft). The current record holder for "largest wingspan" is the Scaled Composites Stratolaunch at only 117 meters. For comparison, the real YB-49 is way down the list at slightly less than 53 meters.

07 C225b.jpg


Shot from behind the back of the Eva looking forward.
The scene is only lit by interior lights.

MISATO (OFF to begin with):“The target is J.A. There's a danger that its reactor could melt down within the next five minutes.”

imprimatur13: What is it with these people and their arbitrary (and true for any given value of "5") 5-minute limits?

07 C226a.jpg

07 C226b.jpg


The unexpectedly narrow interior.
Misato and Shinji, seen through gaps in the ceiling.
It is so cramped that their knees are almost pressed together.

MISATO:“Therefore, we cannot allow the target to get closer to a more densely populated area. (Looking towards Hyuga) Hyuga-kun?”

07 C227a.jpg

Hyuga, in the co-pilot's seat, with Misato and Shinji in the foreground.


MISATO (BACK):“Withdraw immediately once you've released the Eva.
Ascend until you reach a safe altitude.”

UrsusArctos: Yet another instance of "the main characters do everything". Hyuga being qualified to sit in the pilot's seat is a bit of a stretch - they could've gotten a nameless pilot to follow Misato's orders just as well.

imprimatur13: Obviously, what happened is, they put out a notice on the NERV PA system: "We need someone to pilot the transporter to pick up Captain Katsuragi. Any-"

Hyuga: "I'll do it."

Maya: "But you don't know how to fly a plane!"

Hyuga: "Maya, there comes a time in every man's life when he must do the impossible, disregarding all thoughts of personal safety. That time, is now."

singing quietly to himself: "Do the impossible, see the invisible; Row Row, fight the power..."

ath: To be fair, the scripts says he's sitting in the co-pilot's seat. Note that he's actually sitting in the left seat, which in reality is the captain's seat in virtually every fixed-wing aircraft. Right-hand-drive confusion on part of the storyboarder, I guess...

imprimatur13: Well, I see your point... Counterpoint! Misato tells Hyuga to withdraw the transporter, not the pilot (whom we don't actually see at all; and who, for all we know, isn't even there). Apparently, he is expected to know how to pilot it on his own. Somehow.

(Spiral Power, I guess.)

07 C227b.jpg

Misato turns her face back towards Shinji.

MISATO:“(Looking towards Shinji) Shinji-kun.”

07 C228.jpg


Misato and Shinji seen through gaps in the ceiling.


MISATO:“Run alongside the target, and place me on its back.
After that, prevent the target from moving as much as you can.”

07 C229b.jpg


Shinji with Misato in the foreground. Shinji is alarmed.

SHINJI:“You're going to board it?

07 C230.jpg


Misato, speaking readily, with Shinji in the foreground.

MISATO:“That's right.”

07 C231a.jpg

07 C231c.jpg


Shinji, alarmed.

SHINJI:“You're doing something that crazy!?”

07 C232.jpg


Misato, composed, speaks matter-of-factly.

MISATO:“I know that it's crazy. There's just no other or better way.”

07 C233a.jpg

07 C233b.jpg


Shinji trying to put a stop to it.
That's understandable.

SHINJI:“But it's too dangerous!”

07 C234b.jpg


Here, too, she speaks straightforwardly.
Misato knows what he meant but diverts the conversation.

MISATO:“Don't worry. If it comes down to it, the Eva can withstand a direct explosion.”

07 C235a.jpg

07 C235b.jpg

07 C235c.jpg


Shinji's concern is seriously felt. He becomes irritated, not realizing that she had missed the point deliberately.

SHINJI:“That's not what I meant!
I meant you, Misato-san, will...”

Sailor Star Dust: Episode 07 always felt somewhat underrated to me, but this exchange is so important. Shin-chan's already begun to think of Misato as family that he doesn't want to lose (again?).

07 C236a.jpg

07 C236b.jpg


Close-up of Misato in profile.
Her face is kind as she speaks. She finishes with a slight smile.

MISATO:“Well, if I don't give it my best shot (her facial expression becomes kind) it will leave a bad taste in my mouth afterwards.”

07 C237a.jpg

07 C237b.jpg


Shinji is worried, but he is persuaded by Misato's resolution.
His face becomes stern.


07 C238.jpg


Hyuga's words break in as though interposing between the two.

HYUGA:“Direct visual confirmation of the target.”

07 C239b.jpg

J.A. running through the wasteland, casting a long shadow.

SE <<(Distantly) Thud thud thud thud>>

07 C240a.jpg

07 C240b.jpg

BGM End: E-1 rhythm only [Spending Time in Preparation]

Misato and Shinji on the other side of the window, looking out with serious expressions.
Shinji displays a reaction.

SE <<Distantly heard footsteps OFF>>

MISATO:“Okay, let's go.”

07 C241a.jpg

07 C241b.jpg

07 C241c.jpg

Eva, within the aircraft.
The socket on the back is disconnected with a "GAN".

BGM Start: A-3 [NERV]

SE <<GAN>>

07 C242a.jpg

07 C242b.jpg

07 C242c.jpg


Unit-01 is withdrawn backwards out of the aircraft.
After it stops moving Hyuga is heard on the radio.

SE <<Whirrrrrrrr>>

HYUGA (OFF・RADIO):“Eva in drop position.”

07 C243.jpg


Misato, speaking from between the fingers of Unit-01.

MISATO:“Docking release!”

UrsusArctos: This is actually crazier than boarding JA. Had Shinji accidentally clenched Eva-01's hand in the drop, or had Misato slipped out, she would have been killed instantly. She would have done better to lash herself to Eva-01's horn on the way down!

ath: Not sure that's necessarily a good idea.

07 C244.jpg


Shinji within the entry plug.


07 C245a.jpg

07 C245b.jpg

07 C245c.jpg


The locks all disengage at once.
The Eva's body drifts backwards.

SE <<Ka-chack.

07 C246a.jpg

07 C246b.jpg

07 C246c.jpg


Unit-01 falling away from the giant aircraft.

07 C247a.jpg

07 C247b.jpg

07 C247c.jpg

07 C247d.jpg

07 C247e.jpg


The sky.
Unit-01's legs enter the frame.


It passes onwards from there.

07 C248a.jpg

07 C248b.jpg

07 C248cb.jpg

07 C248d.jpg


Close-up of the legs hitting the ground with a SKREEEEE!!

07 C249a.jpg

07 C249b.jpg

07 C249c.jpg

07 C249d.jpg

07 C249e.jpg


Unit-01 bracing itself against the shock of landing.
As soon as the camera stops, it immediately dashes forwards!!


Mr. Tines: Momentum, how does it work...

07 C250a.jpg

07 C250b.jpg


The giant aircraft, turning right and ascending.
Unit-01 running in the foreground.

SE <<Rooooooar thudthudthudthud>>

07 C251a.jpg

07 C251b.jpg


Close-up of Unit-01, running.

SE <<Thud thud thud>>

07 C252b.jpg

07 C252 crop a.jpg


The two giant humanoids running on through the ruins of Old Tokyo.

The Flying Fortress: I always found it very strange how Eva-01 runs so quickly to catch up to JA, compared to when the Eva's rush to stop Sahaquiel from invading the Geo-Front in Episode 12. The way they run there makes much more sense, considering their height and weight.

07 C253.jpg


Shinji in the entry plug.

SHINJI:“We've caught up!”

07 C254.jpg


Misato, speaking from between the fingers of Unit-01.

MISATO:“We have less than four minutes left.
Put me on now! (bleed)”

Missing Number

Close-up of Unit-01 running. Reuse from previous.

SE <<Thud thud thud>>

Translator's Note:

The direction on the image indicates the background element is to be moved.

07 C256b.jpg

07 C256c.jpg


Unit-01, right on the heels of J.A.

SE <<Thud thud thud.>>

Joseki: This is one of the worst looking cuts in the entire Evangelion. Oddly animated, totally uninspiring; Unit 01 is too dark and it doesn't match the Jet Alone style at all. They look like they're mecha from two different shows, with different character designers and animators.

07 C257a.jpg

07 C257b.jpg

07 C257c.jpg


Its hand draws near to the rear section!

SE <<Thud thud thud.
Thud thud.>>

It grabs onto it.


J.A. is pulled backwards with a jerk.

07 C258a.jpg

07 C258b.jpg


Shinji firmly pulling back the lever.

SE <<Pull>>

07 C259a.jpg


J.A. trying to move forward despite that.
Unit-01, being dragged, slips.

SE <<Skreeeeee>>

07 C260a.jpg

07 C260b.jpg


Unit-01's feet, sliding, being dragged forwards.
Dragged along, they slide across the ground's surface.

SE <<Skreee.

07 C261a.jpg


Misato, speaking from between the fingers.

MISATO:“It doesn't matter! Do it!!”

07 C262a.jpg

07 C262b.jpg


Unit-01 holds out its right hand.
It stretches it forth.

07 C263a.jpg

07 C263c.jpg


The palm of the hand in the foreground, with J.A.'s backpack beneath. Misato jumps down.

imprimatur13: Yet another of the MANY MANY hand shots. (Open palms, fists... The list goes on and on and on.)

07 C264a.jpg

07 C264b.jpg

07 C264d.jpg

07 C264f.jpg


She lands with a thud, but due to the instability beneath her she loses her balance and falls.

Sailor Star Dust: Despite the dangerous situation, Misato's little shriek is kinda cute.

07 C265b.jpg


Shinji, in a panic, leans forward.


07 C266a.jpg

07 C266b.jpg

07 C266c.jpg

07 C266d.jpg


Misato rolls down the sloping surface of the backpack.
Luckily she is able to grab hold of a ladder.

07 C267a.jpg

07 C267b.jpg

07 C267c.jpg


Shinji, relieved.
Smiling, he speaks.

(Smiling) Be careful.”

07 C268a.jpg


Close-up of Misato on the monitor.
Even in so dangerous a situation she flashes a peace sign.

Joseki: In an episode that I could rate as mediocre at best, this cut shines bright. The same shot is used again for Episode 26 for a reason: it's pleasant, and Misato's smile is full of positive emotions.

07 C269a.jpg

07 C269b.jpg

07 C269c.jpg

07 C269e.jpg


Misato rotates the lever of the emergency hatch half-way and then pulls on it.
When the hatch opens with a “"hsssh",” an extreme heat comes flowing out!!

SE <<Hsssh!!

07 C270.jpg


Her visor becomes fogged up immediately.
Heat rises up from Misato's body.

MISATO:“Incredible heat.”

07 C271.jpg

The interior of the hatch, shot from within.

This is a world of diffusion filters, ripple glass, and red filters.

MISATO:“This isn't good.”

07 C272a.jpg

07 C272b.jpg

BGM End: A-3 [NERV]

Shinji, straining himself.

YOU-- !!”

07 C273a.jpg

07 C273b.jpg

07 C273c.jpg

07 C273d.jpg


Unit-01, suddenly thrusting its right hand into the foreground.
Towards the camera.

07 C274a.jpg

07 C274b.jpg

07 C274c.jpg

07 C274d.jpg


An enormous hand enters the frame from the foreground and grips J.A.'s head, holding it back.

SE <<Gwah-WHAM>>

07 C275.jpg


The left hand against the chest area, Unit-01 holds it back.

07 C276b.jpg

J.A. with Unit-01 in the foreground.

After a while steam suddenly starts to spout out from the top of its shoulder!

SE <<CRACK!!>>


07 C276c.jpg

07 C276d.jpg

Unit-01 hastily uses its right hand to hold back the steam.

07 C277b.jpg


Shinji in a panic.
He is holding down the levers.

SHINJI:“Misato-san, hurry!”

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