FGC:Episode 05 Cut 247

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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BGM Start: B-1 (Hedghog's Dilemma)

Rei goes down the escalator. Shinji appears behind Rei, also going down. A super long shot. (no lip movements) Shinji moves down one step to get closer to Rei.

Shinji can’t stand the silence.

SHINJI:“I'm sorry about earlier...”

REI:“About what?”

He searches for something to talk about.

SHINJI (pause):“)…Umm…you have a reactivation experiment today, don’t you?”

REI:“...(long pause).”

SHINJI(brightly):“I hope it goes well this time.”


SHINJI:“Aren’t you scared, Ayanami? Of piloting Unit 00 again?”

REI:“Why should I be?”

SHINJI:“…(long pause) I heard you were seriously hurt in the last experiment…I was wondering if you were okay…”

NemZ: Rei may not see a reason to show her nervousness, but her lack of comment earlier betrays her true feelings on the matter.

Kendrix: Notice how he steps minimaly closer to her once she starts replying to him - he's feeling safer/ losing the fear that he might have pissed her off a lot or trying to decrease the distance in between them.

thewayneiac: Elevator, Escalator. Elevator, Escalator. Elevator...(ect.)

jetatomic: The longest escalator I've ever seen.

Dr. Nick: This escalator is actually quite baffling if you start to think about the incline and the support structures (or the lack thereof).

Cody MacArthur Fett: . . . You know, I'm am extremely grateful I don't work in the Geofront. They seem to have every method of personnel transportation possible in that place except a reasonably paced elevator. Don't get me wrong, it provides for some great character interaction moments, but is it so hard to ask for an elevator that moves at a normal speed?