FGC:Episode 06 Cut 135

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

06 C135a.jpg

06 C135b.jpg

06 C135c.jpg

06 C135d.jpg

The new plug suit falls on top of the top of the blanket covering Shinji’s stomach

Camera pans to reveal Shinji’s still-sleepy face

SE <<Thump>>

Azathoth: Since they presumably cut him out of the original one. Something that's never actually addressed in the show is whether plugsuits are considered disposable or not - one would think you'd replace them after every usage but nobody ever brings it up.

Sailor Star Dust: Well, the pilots are seen stripping naked to go au natural in the plugsuits, so I'd assume for sanitary reasons they'd be given new suits each time... Especially if there's an accident or two in the midst of a stressful battle. >_> (Cue ReDeath joke.)

Kendrix: Also, note the "Nerv" written with lower-case letters.