FGC:Episode 06 Cut 084

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

06 C084.jpg


Shinji’s capsule, seen through the warped glasses.

AOBA (OFF - SPEAKER):“9 hours and 55 minutes until the enemy shield arrives.”

Kendrix: Another elaborate perspective cut with the glasses. This time, Shinji isn't behind, but in front of them. Maybe this time, it's not Shinji trying to see Rei, but Rei trying to see Shinji, through Gendo's perspective. At this point, the main connection between the two is Gendo.

NemZ: The presence of Gendo's glasses here tells me Rei is actually thinking more of the commander than Shinji. Specifically, she's probably wondering what it means that Gendo didn't come running to pull him out of the plug when his son was injured. Should she be glad that this confirms she is more important to the Commander, or upset at the lack of consideration for her fellow pilot? There's much to ponder here.