FGC:Episode 04 Cut 003

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

04 C003a.jpg

04 C003b.jpg

04 C003c.jpg

Inside her room, made gloomy by the rain, Misato has the futon pulled over her head.

SE <<(ON) Sound of alarm clock>>

Apparently unable to sleep well, she wriggles about, her butt sticking out.

Misato (OFF):“Uhhhhhhh…”

Shin-seiki: (003~008) This sequence demonstrates that no one is very beautiful or glamorous when she first gets out of bed… (The foot-scratching is a nice touch.)

Treize X: It also gives us a better look at Misato in her not-so-bouncy state than last episode (#03,030~040).

Soluzar: Yeah, Misato has been presented one way for three episodes, and now comes the contrasting view. This is fun, because it shows that Misato's cheerfulness is (a) not consistent and (b) probably due to alcohol, most of the time.