FGC:Episode 04 Cut 004

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

04 C004b.jpg

She abruptly puts her foot out to stop the clock.
Mr. Tines: As resident technology watcher, I'll say that's a very reassuringly old-fashioned analog alarm. And with a Nerv logo on the dial, too!

Soluzar: Old fashioned? You think? I think some things, such as this alarm are timeless. Why change what does the job peerlessly?

Mr. Tines: Having used digital alarms since 1975 (in time to be one of the folk satirised in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), yes, analogue devices are old-fashioned. Old-fashioned enough to be back in style.

tv33: You would think Nerv has better things to do than manufacture cheap merchandise. Maybe they have LCL lava lamps in the gift shop, too.

Hexon.arq: It's not hard to imagine Nerv being one of those organizations that thoughtlessly tosses a few yen to a small dotcom to print out Nerv logos and plaster them on generic aesthetically-disposeable merchandise. *cough*Eva-R*cough*

Reichu: Don't forget about those Nerv paper cups!