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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

04 C001.jpg

Panoramic view of a rainy Tokyo-3.

A gloomy sky. (Sometime past 8 AM.)

SE <<Sound of rain>>

Reichu: Still raining from the end of last episode.

Magami No ER: Rain. For me, this is the most boring and depressive form of weather. There are many people who feel the same way about this episode, but I like it for a few reasons — mostly the character interaction.

Incisivis: For me, this episode continues the early-series winning streak. While there is continuity between all the episodes, episode #04 has the distinct feel of being a "sequel" to episode #03, being that it deals with the aftermath of not only the Angel's attack, but of Shinji's induction into school. It's also very character-driven, which is a big plus.

Ark: In my opinion it's one of the most meaningful episodes in the series. I also appreciate it because it makes it clear early on that this is not some simple mecha vs. monster type show. I don't know why some people still act like the direction of the series changed halfway through even when they've seen this episode.

Quiddity: I agree. This episode was an interesting change of pace compared to what you'd expect from the typical mecha show. For not only the action, but the plot to stop entirely for an episode was quite an interesting path to take. (In saying that the plot stops, I don't mean it's a waste of an episode, but it certainly can't be put on the level of, say, episode #15 or #17, which don't feature new Angels to fight but still are plot heavy episodes.) Focusing entirely on Shinji and his early anguish with the Eva gives us a pretty good result. [Although I have to admit, the typing up/translation process certainly didn't enthrall me as much as the other three episodes I've worked on thus far (#03, #05, #06).]

Ark: I just feel that there is something very mature about this episode. There were hints of this in the first three episodes, but they were balanced with moments of humour. This, on the other hand, is a depressing acid trip through the Hakone countryside.

Reichu: Fortunately, it's not completely deprived of funny moments. Hint: What starts with a "ke" and ends with a "ke"? ;;>

Hexon.arq: With the exception of fleeting glimpses of an Eva and of Ritsuko conducting tests, this episode holds almost no traces of the formalism present in the previous (and subsequent) episodes. Its events are such that one could very well have filmed them in live-action on a starving artist's budget. Were it not for the sights mentioned, as well as a bit of the dialogue, one might not have any idea that this was a mech show at all.

Incisivis: And I suppose here's as good a place to say it as any, even though there's many examples throughout the episode: #4 makes very effective use of silence. That's true for the entire series, but here it stands out particularly.

Nuclear Lunchbox: The first time I watched this, I thought it was weird to have an episode with this mood in the middle of what seemed to me at the time to be a standard giant mecha anime. Of course, it's now one of my favorite episodes. It grows on you.