FGC:Episode 05 Cut 129

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C129a.jpg

The two Evas lined up.

Female Announcer A (from 127):“...please drop each system up to phase 3.”

Reichu: In the stages from storyboard to final, cuts 128 and 129 were visually merged into the 129 we see in the final. I dislike the change, myself… The Cage layout, with the Evas perpendicular to each other rather than arow, is never seen again. Having them side-by-side, as in adjacent Cages, makes a bit more sense to me.

BTW, can you tell what wrong with EVA-01 in this scene? ;;> (And is it just me, or are her pylons really, really long?)

thewayneiac: Have her pylons perhaps been extended to attach them to some sort of restraint device in the ceiling?

NemZ: The pylons stop at the green band. Above that is probably a lighter-weight version of the launching track.