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Evangelion: ReDeath is a popular fandub parody of Neon Genesis Evangelion and The End of Evangelion, produced by "Studio Sokodei" back in 2000. ReDeath is among the most popular fan-parodies in existence today — definitely required viewing for NGE fans, especially those with a twisted sense of humor. It is frequently shown at anime conventions, with showings of other fan-produced parodies, and was (some way or another) leaked onto DC++ hubs and other file-sharing aps.

ReDeath is composed of footage (some doctored) from the Evangelion TV series and movies (as well as some from Tenchi Muyo! and Pokémon), dubbed over by Studio Sokodei's delightfully cheesy voice talent and accompanied by a zanily assorted soundtrack (Strauss, followed by a Bee Gees number?!).


The intro starts with a party with Gendo as the host. When the song 1999 by Prince plays Second Impact occurs. The scene switches to Shinji and Kaji having a conversation where Shinji is proven to be naive when dealing with the opposite sex. Shinji is then transported to Nerv by Misato and learns he is going to pilot Eva Unit 01 fron Gendo. Meanwhile Disney (the HIP Committee) are having a meeting about how Eva Unit 01 could be interpreted as a gay pride symbol for its purple color and its horn. The members of Disney also falsely accuse Gendo of being a pimp.

After a failed attempt of piloting, Shinji and Misato go and pick up Asuka from the airport. A side story is Misato and Ritsuko fighting over Kaji's love and Shinji trying to learn what the "Nookie" is. After most of the silliness is over, the eleventeenth angel appears. It takes the form of a giant Pikachu. Gendo tries to beat it through the power of music, but fails. The Evas launch and randomly a giant Ryo-ohki fights against Pikachu in an epic battle that ends with Pikachu's demise.

The story finally returns to the plot. Kaji steals Prince's Greatest Hits from Disney and gives it to Gendo. The song 1999 was supposed to be forgotten like most pop songs. It was forgotten by most people but not Gendo. Because he played it in 2000, he created a shockwave in the Space-Time Continuum and caused Second Impact. If Gendo plays the song he becomes the Über-Pimp. Disney didn't know how he caused Second Impact so they gave Kaji the song to give to Gendo to prove their theory. Gendo plays the song and Third Impact occurs. Shinji and Asuka are the only ones left, leaving Shinji to follow in his father's footsteps and become a pimp.


Main character. Very naive about anything related to girls or sex.
Eva pilot, seen briefly. Shinji wants to her to explain what the "Nookie" is
Shinji's roommate and fellow Eva pilot. Voiced by the Terminator.
Kaji's girlfriend and Shinji's guardian. Fights with Ritsuko over Kaji
Shinji's uncle and Misato's boyfriend. Is actually a spy for Disney to prove Gendo caused Second Impact.
Fights with Misato over Kaji.
Shinji's father and a pimp. Played 1999 and caused Second Impact. Played it again to try to become the Über-Pimp
Members of Disney
Billy Dee Williams (SEELE U.S.), Conan O'Brian (SEELE U.K.), David Hasselhoff (SEELE Russia), Woody Allen (SEELE France), Bob Dole (Keel).
Shinji's friend. Introduces Shinji to the "Nookie."
Shinji's friend. Introduces Shinji to the "Nookie."
Bridge Bunnies
The usual things they do.

ReDeath was later remastered with new audio and better quality video footage as "Evangelion: ReDeath ReDux"


  • "Its *Gendo*!" (announced by a group of female voices whenever Gendo (the "Über-Pimp") appears on screen, a la Shaft)
  • "Ohhhh baby"

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