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Kensuke Aida
National Heritage Japanese
Relations father; mother (deceased)
Age 14
Birthday 9/12/2001
Seiyū Tetsuya Iwanaga
Voice Actor (English): Kurt Stoll (TV and films),Greg Ayres (Rebuild), Benjamin Diskin (Netflix)
(Italian): Stefano Crescentini
(French): Romain Douilly
(German): Gerrit Schmidt-Foß , Frederic Böhle (Netflix)

Kensuke Aida is Shinji Ikari's classmate and friend; their mutual friend is Toji Suzuhara. As with all of Shinji's classmates, Kensuke is an Eva pilot candidate who is kept with other potential Children for his own protection. In relation to this fact, Kensuke's mother is deceased. Not much else is said about Kensuke's family life, but his father is at least alive.


Kensuke along with Toji and Shinji. From the Proposal.

Kensuke is fascinated with military paraphernalia and warfare. He acts out elaborate war scenarios in the countryside by himself, as seen in Episode 04, and was tremendously excited to be taken aboard Over the Rainbow in Episode 08, spending most of his time there taking video of everything in sight with his camcorder, regardless of what was happening around him.

Most importantly, Kensuke wants to become an Evangelion pilot extremely badly, making him benignly jealous of Shinji (though this is also for living with the attractive Misato Katsuragi). This never seems to have affected their friendship, though Shinji is confused by Kensuke’s enthusiasm about piloting.

It seems that no experience with Children will make Kensuke change his mind. He witnessed Shinji crying in the Entry Plug after the battle with Shamshel, and knew that Toji ended up in the hospital after being selected as Evangelion Unit-03’s pilot, yet when he found out that Shinji Ikari was leaving again after the incident, Kensuke’s phone message to Shinji, just before it was cut off, only said, "Damn! Even Toji became an Eva pilot, while I--" (Episode 19).

Kensuke often knows more about the doings of Nerv than Shinji does, and has hacked into his father’s data files to get such information on at least one occasion (Episode 06). Like the rest of the residents of Tokyo-3, Kensuke had to leave the area after the city was destroyed by the detonation of Eva 00 in Episode 23.

In the Proposal, Kensuke is depicted without his usual glasses and gives more of an impression of toughness, as opposed to the rather gentle and nerdy character shown in the Anime.

In Rebuild of Evangelion

In Rebuild of Evangelion, Kensuke closely follows his original role. In Evangelion 1.0, he and Toji witness the Shamshel battle and soon become close friends with Shinji. Kensuke demonstrates extensive knowledge of Nerv's internal projects in Evangelion 2.0, talking about the Eva-04 accident and Eva-03's imminent arrival. He is last seen with Toji, Hikari and Pen-Pen, holding his video camera and cowering from missile explosions as Zeruel attacks Tokyo-3. His fate at the end of 2.0 is unknown, and there is no mention of him at all in Evangelion 3.0 raising, for now, the possibility that he is dead.

In Other Media

Shinji Ikari Raising Project (Manga)

In the SIRP Manga, Kensuke's role is that of comic relief, much like most of his appearances in the original series. He is also presented as a conspiracy theorist, with "crazy ideas" about a secret society known as SEELE, NERV's goals, Human Instrumentality, etc. He remains friends with Tohji and (after a fashion) Hikari.


  • The name "Kensuke Aida" was taken from Ryu Murakami’s novel Ai to Gensou no Fascism (The Fascism of Love and Fantasy)
  • In Episode 03 Misato brings up Kensuke's I.D. info on her computer:
    • Kensuke Aida is originally from Yokohama (which is just southwest of Old Tokyo), he was born on September 12th, 2001, and his blood type is A+.
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