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Supporting Cast


  • Appearances: Episode 22, Episode 25 (SOUND ONLY)
  • Seiyu: Toshihiko Seki
  • Notes: Asuka's "Papa". His surname is deducibly "Langley" -- because where else could Asuka have gotten it?

Frau Doktor / Stiefmutter

  • Appearances: Episode 22 (SOUND ONLY), Episode 25 (")
  • Seiyu: Masako Katsuki
  • Notes: Kyoko's doctor, then Asuka's stepmother. (Above designations are just the ones from the script, "Woman/Lady Doctor" and "Stepmother", converted into German.)
"JA Guy"

Shiro Tokita

  • Appearance: Episode 07
  • Seiyu: Yoshitada Otsuka
  • Notes: Sometimes referred to as the "JA Guy" by fans who don't know his real name. Tokita presents the Jet Alone to a special conference, believing his company's robot would be better suited at fighting the Angels, as the Jet Alone is pilot-free, has an internal power source and cannot go berserk.

Committeeman A (U.S.A.)

  • Appearances: Episode 02, 10, 14, 20, 21 (SOUND ONLY), 23 ("), 24 ("), ?etc.
  • Seiyu: Takashi Nagasako
  • Notes: "Mr. Green"

Committeeman B (France)

Committeeman C (U.K.)

  • Appearances: Episode 02, 10, 14, 20, 21 (SOUND ONLY), 23 ("), 24 ("), ?etc.
  • Seiyu: Katsumi Suzuki
  • Notes: "Mr. Red"

Committeeman D (Russia)

"Nebukawa no Sensei"

Old Teacher / "Nebukawa no Sensei"

  • Appearances: Episode 03, etc.
  • Seiyu: Eiji Maruyama
  • Notes: Enjoys boring the children of 2-A with Second Impact cover-up propaganda.

U.N. Officer A

U.N. Officer B

U.N. Officer C

1st Officer(L) and Captain

Captain of Over the Rainbow

  • Appearance: Episode 08
  • Seiyu: Tomomichi Nishimura
  • Notes: (He's American, right?)

1st Officer of Over the Rainbow

  • Appearance: Episode 08
  • Seiyu: Hitoshi Yamanoi
  • Notes:


Whoever doesn't belong above but doesn't belong below.

Random Bridge Bunnies

Any Other Nerv Personnel Worth Including

Rest listed in order of appearance

Natsuko Shinohara

Chinese Man

  • Appearance: Episode 07
  • Seiyu: Koichi Nagano
  • Notes: "Man on Plane" (actually an SSTO). Talks to Gendo about various mysterious things.


  • Appearance: Episode 07
  • Seiyu:
  • Notes: Director of Internal Affairs in Tokyo-2.

Man on Phone

  • Appearance: Episode 07 (SOUND ONLY)
  • Seiyu: Koichi Yamadera
  • Notes: Tells Gendo he's answered information requests with falsified data and asks if he should do something about "that other matter", possibly refering to Jet Alone. He has Kaji's seiyu, but it's not known if he is actually supposed to be Kaji. Kaji should be in Germany at this point.


Dog Lady

Math Puppy

  • Appearance: Episode 14 (SOUND ONLY)
  • Seiyu: Kotono Mitsuishi
  • Notes: A guest on a radio show that's overheard by Shinji after the Unit-00 contact experiment. The show features a puppy that always answers the radio host with "WAN!" This is in response to questions that have an answer that sounds similar to "WAN!", such as "one" or "won."

Cat Lady

  • Appearance: Episode 15
  • Seiyu: Miki Nagasawa
  • Notes: Gives Kaji info on Marduk. It's been speculated that she is Ritsuko's grandmother, but there's no real way to prove it.


We hear about them, but we neither see them nor hear them. (At least, not as far as we know.) Some are of no significance whatsoever, but are included for reasons of pedantry.

Toji's Sister

Nozomi Horaki

Kodama Horaki

Shinji's Sensei

  • Mention(s): Episode 15, Episode 19, Episode 24
  • Notes: Shinji lived with his teacher after being abandoned by Gendo. No age or gender is known. After the Bardiel incident, Shinji declares that he will return to live with them.

Seymour Nunn

  • Mention: Episode 07
  • Notes: Mexican amateur astronomer involved in Second Impact cover-up propaganda.



  • Mention: Episode 15
  • Notes: Misato mentions wearing a pink suit to her wedding.


  • Mention: Episode 15
  • Notes: Misato mentions wearing a dark blue dress to her wedding.

Nozoku Takahashi

  • Mention: Episode 11
  • Notes: VOTE FOR HIM! VOTE FOR HIM!! His name was taken from Gainax employee Nozomu Takahashi in an in-joke.

Ritsuko's Grandmother

  • Mention: Episode 23
  • Notes: Ritsuko speaks to her on the phone but we hear only Ritsuko's end of the conversation; thus she has no seiyu. Speculation that she is the same person as "Cat Lady" is highly tenuous.


  • Mention: Episode 21
  • Notes: Student of Fuyutsuki's (apparently)


  • Mention: Episode 07
  • Notes: Someone Shiro Tokita got approval from in order to give Jet Alone's password to delete all the programming to Misato.


  • Mention: Episode 07
  • Notes: Someone Shiro Tokita needed to get permission from in order to give Jet Alone's password to delete all the programming to Misato.
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