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Meant to be a full page listing the design features of each of the characters, ranging from their physical height to their clothing. This is the first, stub version of the page and details on characters and their features, clothing, et cetera are going to be dumped here in more excruciating detail than on their character pages.

Shinji Ikari

Shinji's character design features him being unusually short for his age at an estimated 4'9", given that both his parents were certainly tall by Japanese standards, with Yui being five and a half feet tall and Gendo being six feet tall. As a fourteen year old, he should realistically have been between 5'4" and 5'8" depending on when he reached his pubescent growth spurt. The Eva pilots and other children their age, as a rule, are unusually small for their age, and the choice may have been an artistic choice to depict their childlike nature and vulnerability when juxtaposed against the much taller adults.

His Rebuild height is several centimeters taller, and his Rebuild body proportions are less slender and more realistic than his NGE depiction.

He is usually seen in his school uniform, which consists of a white shirt, black trousers and blue sneakers with a blue undershirt, and this appears to be largely his "default" throughout the series, even when he runs away from home. He does wear other clothes, like the infamous "dance costume" consisting of a leotard with thigh-length leggings and a light blue top. He is also seen wearing different T-shirts at home -

Asuka Langley Soryu

Asuka stands at 4'10", which, although the tallest of the Eva pilots, is still rather short for a thirteen year old going through her pubescence. This is a trait that she shares with the other children. Asuka's hair is a bright reddish-orange, although lighting conditions and in some instances coloring errors make it appear brown.

Asuka is seen in a formal dress when she goes out for a blind date in Episode 15, consisting of a blouse, matching skirt and jacket and a bow, fairly similar to what the young Ritsuko Akagi is seen wearing.

Rei Ayanami

Rei, at 4'8", is the shortest of the Eva pilots. Although her reduced height is probably due to her artificial growth, it still seems anomalous in comparison to her "mother", Yui Ikari, who stood at a solid five and a half feet in height.

Rei is seen in her school uniform, school swimwear, plugsuit and a hospital gown, giving her the least clothing choices among all the Evangelion characters. The only time she is seen wearing something distinctly different is with a sweater in the Alternative Universe sequence in Episode 26.

Rei's light blue hair and red eyes were a design decision made to make her stand out more from the other characters and contrasts with the more realistic hair and eye colors given most other characters. Although this can be explained by her not-entirely-human nature, this is never commented upon by any of the other characters in the series, suggesting that "natural" hair colors in the Evangelion universe need not be the same as those in real life.

Misato Katsuragi

Misato stands at 5'4" as an adult and is of normal height. Misato is taller in Rebuild, standing at 173 centimeters or 5'8".

While most characters depicted with their natural hair colors are depicted with brown hair, Misato's hair is a dark shade of purple. As in the case of the unusually short children, depicting her with hair that is clearly purple rather than brown might have been an artistic decision to make her stand out, or it might be an indication of there being a broader range of "natural" hair colors in the Evangelion universe (which, given the nature of animation, is perfectly acceptable) than in real life.

Gendo Ikari

Gendo Ikari at his youngest is seen wearing a black turtleneck, a green jacket and blue trousers (or jeans). In the photograph that shows him in the background of the UN official during the coverup, he is seen in a dark business suit and tie. Gendo is one of the two darkest main characters, with a similar skin tone to Toji and very dark brown hair.

He is later seen with a red turtleneck and black trousers, which are paired off either with a lab coat (Gehirn era), a UN inspector's uniform (with Fuyutsuki in the Arctic post-2I) or later with his unzipped uniform jacket, a character design element taken from Commander Straker in the British TV series UFO. Chronicle illustrations reveal that Gendo is very thin and small-waisted, and wears suspenders under his uniform jacket while at Nerv. Gendo wears large, thick-rimmed glasses at first, later replacing them with tinted glasses with oval rather than rectangular lenses after the Eva-00 activation test accident. His white gloves are acquired to hide the scars on his hands and later hide the Adam embryo as well.

Ritsuko Akagi

Ritsuko Akagi is about 5'4" and like Misato, she stands at 173 centimeters or 5'8" in Rebuild, gaining 10 centimeters of height.

Ritsuko's hair is naturally a shade of brown, but she dyes it blond, ostensibly to set her apart from her mother in appearance.

Although Ritusko is often seen in her white lab coat with the blue zip-up shirt underneath it - and she wears the blue zip-up shirt even when going outside as seen in Episode 11, she has a very broad wardrobe when seen in Episode 21.

Maya Ibuki

Maya Ibuki is remarkably similar in appearance to Shinji, being much like an older female version of him.

Maya Ibuki is usually seen in her Nerv operator's uniform, but in Episode 11 is seen wearing a yellow T-shirt, green shorts and sneakers.

Hikari Horaki

Hikari Horaki is normally seen with her hair in twin ponytails, and her skin tone is the darkest among the major female characters. She is frequently seen in her school uniform, but in Episode 06 and Episode 23 she is seen wearing a yellow t-shirt and shorts.

Toji Suzuhara

Toji Suzuhara is at 4'10", making him Asuka's equal in height. Along with Gendo, he is one of the darkest characters in the Evangelion cast. Toji is seen in his school uniform in Episode 09, but this is an exception to the rule: he is almost always seen in his black tracksuit otherwise.

Kensuke Aida

Kensuke is seen in his school uniform and once in Episode 04 dressed up like a soldier with camo-pattern green and brown fatigues and a darker green undershirt. His geeky nature is emphasized by his round glasses, which he is sometimes seen pushing up.

Kaworu Nagisa

Kaworu is seen wearing the same school uniform as in Shinji's school but with an orange undershirt instead of Shinji's blue. He is seen wearing shorts and a collared button-up T-shirt to sleep when he and Shinji are staying in the same room.

Kaworu's pale skin, greyish-white hair and red eyes are meant to drawn parallels between his appearance and that of his counterpart, Rei.

Makoto Hyuga

Shigeru Aoba