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Supporting Cast

Wunder Bridge Crew

The members of the AAA Wunder's bridge crew introduced in Evangelion 3.0. All are members of Wille.

Eva3-33 C0521 b Takao.jpg Eva3-33 C0225 Kitakami.jpg
Eva3-33 C0456C Nagara.jpg Eva3-33 C0441 Tama.jpg
  • Takao
  • Nagara
  • Kitakami
  • Tama

Koji Takao

  • Appearance: Evangelion 3.0
  • Seiyu: Akio Otsuka
  • Notes: Appears to be the ships engineer. Controls the engine ignition sequence with Tama. Seems to know or be a friend of Kaji. Named after the heavy cruiser Takao. The choice of Akio Otsuka as his seiyu appears to have been influenced by Otsuka's previous role as Captain Nemo in Hideaki Anno's older series Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. Takao's lines during Wunder's startup sequence, in particular, are directly drawn from Captain Nemo's lines during the New Natilus's startup sequence.

Midori Kitakami

  • Appearance: Evangelion 3.0
  • Seiyu: Mariya Ise
  • Notes: Appears to be assigned to sonar and radar. An inexperienced crew member. Her station is covered with sticky notes left by someone else. Named after the "torpedo cruiser" Kitakami. Her character design appears to pay homage to Gay Ellis from the old science-fiction series UFO[1].

Sumire Nagara

  • Appearance: Evangelion 3.0
  • Seiyu: Sayaka Ohara (Also participated in 1.0 and 2.0 as a Nerv operator.)
  • Notes: The Wunder's helmsman. Controls the Wunder and the fleet in flight. Never flew before prior to the Wunder's launch. Named after the light cruiser Nagara and possibly also the Matsu Flight II/Tachibana class destroyer Sumire.

Hideki Tama

  • Appearance: Evangelion 3.0
  • Seiyu: Anri Katsu
  • Notes: Appears to be assigned to engineering. An inexperienced crew member. His station is packed with technical manuals. Named after the light cruiser Tama.


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We hear about them, but we neither see them nor hear them. (At least, not as far as we know.) Some are of no significance whatsoever, but are included for reasons of pedantry.

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