FGC:Episode 05 Cut 120

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C120a.jpg

05 C120b.jpg

05 C120c.jpg

Toji jerks upright, knocking Kensuke off.

Toji:“Ayanami's thighs...”

05 C120e.jpg

05 C120f.jpg

Touji leans forward, then leans forward some more, heatedly. Kensuke joins in.

Toji & Kensyke:“Ayanami's calves…!”

Reichu: One of Toji's greatest moments. I mean, just look at thumbnail D. That's the face of a true stud-muffin! I wonder, is it really the heat that Toji's sweating over? ;;>

NemZ: Two comments for her legs but no mention of her butt, that which almost all her fanservice-y images seem to focus on? Peculiar.

Additional Commentary  

Fireball: Calves? Really?

thewayneiac: Yes, that's what they're actually saying in Japanese. "Naughty bits" was an asspull from ADV's dub. Aparently they didn't think the scene was funny enough as it stood.

Kendrix: Mind you, judging from their expressions, you'd think they'd like to have fun with her "calves", too XD