FGC:Episode 07 Cut 069

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

07 C069.jpg

A moving platform. Five people – Misato, Ritsuko, Ibuki, Hyuga, and Shinji – in a variety of poses.

They're chatting during a break from work. (Silhouettes with no mouth movement)

UrsusArctos: There's a strange mixture of real-world logic and a lack of it here. Manufacturing logic dictates that they should've built a stock of spare parts to go through in the event that the Evas were damaged. As we'll see later, Nerv wastes money in weird places.
RITSUKO:“What's the status of Unit 00's

bio-chest component?”

IBUKI:“Heavily damaged. We'll make a new one, but it will barely fit within our supplementary budget.”

RITSUKO:“I wonder if things will get a bit easier after Unit-02 arrives from Germany?”

HYUGA:“It might be just the opposite. It's not cheap to dispose of Angels that have been killed on the surface.”

MISATO:“This place really is tight when it comes to money. I thought the fate of mankind was at stake here.”

RITSUKO:“It can't be helped. Man does not live by Eva alone. It's going to cost money if those who survive are to keep on living.”

MISATO:“Budgets...! So, the Commander has gone to another conference?”

RITSUKO:“Yes, he's on the plane now.”