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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

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The giant setting sun.

All of them (OFF):“Good luck--!! We’re counting on you-!! (other ad-lib)”

The silhouette of Unit 01 passes in front of the camera! Unit 00 follows it and passes by.

SE <<Gashan gashan gashan gashan gashan gashan>>

Male student chatter (about two people added.):“Ikari--!” “Good luck--!” “We’re counting on you--!” “Yo, Ikari--! Good luck! We’re with you all the way--!” “Fight, Ikari--! It’s all up to you! Don’t lose! We’re rooting for you, okay--?!”

FreakyFilmFan4ever: I forgot how many golden hour shots there are in this episode. These silhouettes are truly amazing. Is it just me, or can anyone else see how Eva Unit 00 appears to be "carrying the cross of Christ" as a silhouette following Eva Unit 01? It just visually seems similar to the events leading up to Jesus' crucifix in this one single shot.

Kendrix: This might be a relatively simple scene, but it shows that Touji has sucessfully completed his share of character developement for the Prologue Arc. This is why I liked that they lampshaded it a bit more in Rebuild's message box scene. We see that Touji has come to understand Shinji/ that the two boys are now truly his friends.

It's a bit unfair that no one cheers for Rei, tough...