FGC:Episode 05 Cut 159

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C159a.jpg

05 C159b.jpg

Ritsuko suddenly remembers something.

RITSUKO:“Ah, I almost forgot!”

SE <<(OFF) Sound of the fridge opening.>>

BGM End: B-16 (Rhythm Only)

Kendrix: Ritsuko clearly disaproves of Misato's beer consumption... little scenes like these are what establish the reason/emotion // age apropiete/inapropiate contrast in our heads so much we take it for granted and make jokes about it, so that we'll be even more shocked when it all gets turned on its head.

05 C159d.jpg

05 C159e.jpg

She puts her hand in the bag at her waist...

RITSUKO:“Shinji-kun, I need you to do me a favor.”

05 C159f.jpg

... to take something out.

SHINJI (OFF):“What is it?”