FGC:Episode 05 Cut 171

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

05 C171c.jpg

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Ritsuko speaks with a smile. (In order to hide her true feelings.)

RITSUKO:“She’s a very good girl. She’s just a little clumsy, just like your dad.”

She plays with her bangs with her fingers and looks away.

Reichu: Now, ordinarily I wouldn't think of Ritsuko as being especially attractive (by my own peculiar standards of feminine beauty), but, I must admit, I always found her rather pretty in this particular scene. Being dressed down and not wearing that awful lipstick can make a big difference. Now, if only she left her hair in its natural color, too!

Mr. Tines: There's a gaucheness to Ritsuko's behaviour in this whole scene (not just this cut), as if in describing Rei, the old jibe "it takes one to know one" applies. Perhaps she is trying to match-make as well.

thewayneiac: Interesting. You mean she's trying to eliminate Rei as a rival for Gendo by directing her attention elsewhere?

Sailor Star Dust: "To hide her feelings", eh? I suppose this is mainly in regards to Rei, but I'm assuming the relationship between Ritsuko and Gendo plays a part. I wonder if this means Gainax/Anno did plan for there to be drama between the three of them from the start.

Kendrix: This is one of our first glimpses at creepy!Jealous!Ritsuko. She's comparing Rei and Gendo - in fact, the two of them have a lot in common, not only their lack of expression and social skills. Many people overlook this. He's the only parental figure she ever had, of course he influenced her.