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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C272a.jpg

03 C272b.jpg

Ibuki and Ritsuko, the display superimposed in front.

Woman (OFF):“Interference is recognized in the spinal transmission system.”

Ritsuko:“Noise is getting mixed into the nerve pulses.”

Reichu: [This should be moved to a suitable appendix eventually.]

Reichu: Regarding the technicalities here, an interesting question has been brought up by RacingManiac at ANF: Why don't Kensuke and Toji partake in the Eva's pain, as well? I thought the answer would be straightforward — "Because they aren't wearing interface headsets or plug suits", along with the fact that they shouldn't be capable of synchronizing with EVA-01 (due to having no relation to the resident soul). The former doesn't work because the pilots undergo harmonics testing in #13 in the nude (no headsets OR suits). The latter fails because, in, episode #08, Shinji manages to thwart all known wisdom and not only synchronize with EVA-02, but beat his prior records with EVA-01.

Jinpun: I would guess that Toji and Ken are both synched, but at such a low level that it didn't make a difference. The fact that this was their first time in an Eva and they were scared, etc., would account for the lack of a high sync ratio. Since Shinji, in #08, has had more experience in an Eva and was trying to help, he was able to sync higher. Either that or the plugsuit does offer some sort of higher sync than perhaps previously expected, as there really isn't much diffentiating these three boys inside the plug other than the plugsuit and perhaps experience…

Reichu: And the aforementioned "connection to resident soul", which the series seems to make a big deal out of even though the concept is thrown out the window in episode #08.

RM asked another pestering question, as well:

"If the sync interface is so easily disturbed, as evidenced by something like Shinji not 'thinking in German', how would two foreign bodies entering the plug not interfere at all with bodily control? Sure, the sync interface was shown to be disrupted, but he still managed to stop the angel…"

I could try pulling something out of my arse… but instead I'll just shrug and admit I'm out of ideas at the moment.

OMF: Here's something to consider: Of all the pilots, only Shinji displays an instant "talent" for synching, so maybe Toji and Kensuke are only very dimly linked at this point, probably below borderline.

Reichu: Hmm… You may be onto something!

OMF: Either that, or our heroine, being more aware and in control of herself than are the other Evas, opted to not to synch with the two new people on board, thus sparing them the agony of combat.

HeWhoPostsStuff: Perhaps it'd be best to chalk these under the growing list of NGE occasions when "it happens cuz it's convenient."