FGC:Episode 03 Cut 267

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C267a.jpg

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The pilot lamp is alone in the sheer darkness. The sounds of two people jumping in.

They cough as they speak.

Toji:“What the… It's water?”

Kensuke:“(cough) My camera!… My camera's…!?”

The lights come on. Both of them have pained expressions as they hold their breath; they are stricken with surprise.

Reichu: The look on Toji's face is simply priceless.

OMF: This whole scene has to rate pretty highly on the Suspension-of-Disbelief-O-Meter. First off, how is Nerv seemingly able to loop Eva's synaptic commands? How the hell did Toji and Kensuke climb up to the plug so fast? Why didn't all the LCL just spill out of the plug? And don't the two seem to accept breathing liquid awfully quickly? That said, it's worth it all just to get Toji inside the plug…

Reichu: I don't have any problems with the first issue: Considering that control of the Eva is (essentially) accomplished with cybernetic "modifications", why shouldn't they be able to do this?