FGC:Episode 03 Cut 260

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

03 C260a.jpg

Ritsuko and Ibuki in mute amazement.

Woman 2:“The protective suit is melting. Damage level A.”

Misato (OFF):“Once you've got them, make a temporary retreat. We'll regroup!”

Man:“Proton decay observed in the periphery of the ten fingers.”

Ritsuko takes intensive action, stepping forward hysterically.

Ritsuko:“What makes you think you can let civilians into the entry plug without authorization?!”

Woman:“Field interference potential has amplified 124%.”

Mr. Tines: "Protective Suit" — is that the Eva's armour?

Reichu: Here, at least, it seems to be referring to the plasticky stuff covering the hands.

Mr. Tines: And "Proton Decay detected" — that's seriously scary stuff — is another indication that Angels are not made of matter as we know it.

Reichu: What are the implications, exactly?

Mr. Tines: Proton decay — i.e. the ultimate instability of all matter — is a prediction of some Grand Unified theories. In real life experiments, there have been no observed candidate events, and the experimental lower bound for the half life of matter is something over 1033 years. If the Angel is causing observable levels of proton decay, then one possibility is that the proximity of its material with normal matter is having a catalytic effect to hasten the normally imperceptibly slow process.

Reichu: That's assuming Sho is made out of "matter as we know it" — but that's an item for later.

Mr. Tines: And just look at Ritsuko's arms and shoulders!