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07 C001a.jpg

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Panoramic view of NERV headquarters.

IKARI (OFF):“...Once again, I owe you.”

MAN (OFF - TELEPHONE):“Not that you mean to repay me.”

thewayneiac: The man on the phone sounds like Kaji, and is played by his seiyuu, Koichi Yamadera, but it's far from certain that it's supposed to actually be Kaji. Kaji should be in Germany with Asuka at this point, or maybe even already at sea with Asuka and Unit-02. So it may just be an instance of economy in casting.

ath: First of all, I'd like to thank ObsessiveMathsFreak for sponsoring the translation of this episode. We haven't heard from him in a while, but without his support we would've been stuck here for who knows how long. Also, this is the first episode translated by our own Numbers-kun - and it looks really good. Enjoy!

Sailor Star Dust: Given the various scenes in Episode 08, I was under the impression that Kaji himself is in secret talks with Gendo here. Kaji being the go-between for Nerv and Seele fits this. (Skipping ahead to Episode 11, extra-canon sources like the NGE2 game confirm Kaji caused Nerv's power outage under Seele's order, too.)