FGC:Episode 07 Cut 027

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

07 C027a.jpg

07 C027 crop a.jpg

Misato, sitting cross-legged on a chair, eating bread, with Shinji doing the dishes in the foreground.

SHINJI:“Are you really coming to school today?”

MISATO:“(Eating bread) Of course. It's your career guidance meeting.”

imprimatur13: I do wish we could see what went on at the career guidance meeting... Sounds interesting.

In addition, I love the look on Misato's face here. Classic :).

07 C027c.jpg

She takes the bread out of her mouth and continues speaking.

Shinji is hesitant.

SHINJI:“But you're so busy with your work.”

MISATO:“It's fine, it's fine, this is part of my job too.”

07 C027d.jpg

Misato jokes around in order to hide her embarrassment.

Shinji, taking her words at face value, is a little bit shocked.

SHINJI:“...Your job?”

SE <<Sound of the water shutting off>>

Kendrix: Misato looks a bit like a dog in the above shot XD And here comes technique of having background sounds punctuate important changes in the conversation and the very lifelike dialogue, the way it goes from lighthearted to "oh" and never lets you quite forget that this is a semi-serious show.