FGC:Episode 07 Cut 014

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

07 C014b.jpg

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Misato, first thing in the morning, chugging back a beer. She makes an ostentatious display of finishing her beverage. Misato, first thing in the morning, relishing her happiness.

MISATO:“Pwaaah! Kuuuuuu~! This is the way to start your day! ♡”

UrsusArctos: She must have rehearsed chugging the beer and yelling to the point of perfection, because she does it exactly the same way every time! Of course, this is a recolored and slightly altered version of cut 123 from Episode 02.

ath: If you look at this sequence frame-by-frame, you'll notice that they've actually reanimated it from scratch! They didn't feel the need to cut corners this early in the series, it seems. Oh, and they forgot to fix the Yebichu/Yebisu branding issue in the Video releases, so enjoy your hamster-themed beer one more time.