FGC:Episode 07 Cut 002B

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

An official document concerning the Angel sample that has been blacked out in many places.

MAN (OFF - TELEPHONE):“I handled things by mixing in false data.”

TEXT:“First Interim Report Concerning Objects Referred to as Angels and the Human Instrumentality Project”

UrsusArctos: Without a translation of whatever is visible, it's pretty hard to say what's blacked out and why. Is it the real material or the fake stuff? A note on the biology terms here - Apoptosis is a form of cell death that is beneficial within certain limits (and indeed essential for the development of an embryo and differentiation of fingers and toes), while Apobiosis is a largely obsolete term referring to local death of part of an organism.

Kendrix: The reference to political statutes and the shots of the documents not only uses the screen to create a sense of what is being discussed like in a natural thought process but also creates a sense of richness and mystery for the setting and at least the appearance of information density, while the blackened documents alone convey the notion that NERV is hiding something and that something potentially shady or morally ambiguous is going on. Interesting to know that it was an angel sample - So team JA was trying to build more effective countermeasures, and the sample being referenced may, in fact, be a product of Shamshel' dissection.