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Misato worries that saying this might have been a little bit thoughtless of her.

UrsusArctos: Amidst all the comedy, a hint of something else shines through. It's little moments like this that make this show brilliant.

Kendrix: Her inner tryhard is never too far behind the cheery bluster - this is a lot how awkward moments happen IRL, I mean at first she was just saying it so he wouldn't worry that he's being a burden, but she was kind of on autopilot here and realizes only too late that it could be taken the wrong way considering their past conversations and Shinji's whole complex about whether anyone really cares about him instead of just what they can get out of him; After all, he's spent his whole life so far being looked after by people who were paid to do it and though he generally tries to keep his expectations low, some part of him must have been hoping that maybe this time it would be different - it's only natural to have an undercurrent of frustration that he of course wouldn't express in a direct way because that would necessitate a more direct assertion of what he believes he deserves which still isn't that much at this point.