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<big>'''Well, he looks kind of dull'''</big>
<big>'''Well, he looks kind of dull'''</big>
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{{FGC:Episode 08 Cut 063}}
{{FGC:Episode 08 Cut 063}}
{{FGC:Episode 08 Cut 064}}
{{FGC:Episode 08 Cut 064}}
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Well, he looks kind of dull

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

08 C036a.jpg

08 C036b.jpg

08 C036d.jpg



Toji, springing to his feet, with a hand print on his cheek. Shinji's cheek, too, bears a hand print. Kensuke, crying, remains holding up his video camera. When he lowers his camera, a circular bruise is seen to cover his eye.

TOJI:“What did you do that for?!”

08 C037.jpg


A domineering Asuka.

ASUKA:“That's the viewing fee! It's a small price to pay!”

08 C038a.jpg

08 C038c.jpg


Toji, with Asuka's legs in the foreground. With deliberateness, he takes hold of his tracksuit.

Well then, I'll show you mine...”

08 C039a.jpg

08 C039b.jpg

08 C039c.jpg

08 C039d.jpg


Asuka, with Toji's legs in the foreground. He pulls down the bottom of his tracksuit!
He uses too much force, and his underwear slides down as well. Asuka's face contorts seeing this.

TOJI:“...as well!”


thewayneiac: It totally got past me that he was just trying to show her his underpants and messed up.

08 C040a.jpg

08 C040b.jpg

08 C040c.jpg


Kensuke and Shinji instinctively avert their eyes from the horrible sight. Misato's expression remains unchanged.



ASUKA (OFF):“What the hell are you doing?!”

SE <<SLAPP!!>>

UrsusArctos: Is Misato enjoying this?

08 C041a.jpg


Toji, defeated, with hand prints on both cheeks. His eyes follow Asuka.

08 C041c.jpg

08 C041d.jpg

Asuka enters the frame, in front of Toji.

ASUKA (OFF pre.):“So,
which one is the famous Third Child?”

08 C041e.jpg

08 C041f.jpg

She looks dubiously at Toji.

ASUKA:“Don't tell me the one who just now...”

08 C041g.jpg

Toji hangs his head dejectedly.

08 C042a.jpg

08 C042b.jpg

08 C042c.jpg

08 C042e.jpg


Misato uses her eyes to indicate Shinji.

MISATO:“No. It's this one.”

Asuka peers at him suspiciously.

(Sadly) Unimpressive.”

Shinji takes offense.

08 C043b.jpg

Missing number.

08 C044a.jpg

08 C044b.jpg

08 C044c.jpg


A hand holding Misato's ID card (it has a bad picture, with her eyes half-closed and her nose upturned).
The places where her body dimensions, weight, and age are indicated have been blacked out with magic marker.
The card is removed from the frame to reveal Misato and the children.

CAPTAIN (OFF to begin with):“Why, I thought you were a young woman leading a group of Boy Scouts, but...”

MAN 1:“All ships change course, ten degrees starboard.”

MAN 2:“Change course, ten degrees starboard, understood.”

UrsusArctos: Why in the name of perversion does Misato's ID card have her measurements on it?

08 C045.jpg


Low angle shot of the overbearing captain and his first officer. He speaks with undisguised sarcasm.

CAPTAIN (ON):“...apparently, that was my mistake.”

MAN (RADIO):“Roger. Starboard.”

UrsusArctos: If I'm not mistaken, these two grumpy officers were also present aboard the USS Abraham in Nadia.

08 C046.jpg


Misato, brimming with confidence.
She calmly deflects his sarcastic remark.

MISATO:“I'm grateful for your understanding. Captain.”

MAN 1:“Starboard.”

08 C047a.jpg

08 C047b.jpg

08 C047c.jpg


Unwilling to be defeated, the captain continues to speak sarcastically.

CAPTAIN:“Oh no, it is I who should be grateful for having the opportunity to look after children again, after all these years.”

Kensuke passes across the foreground, out of focus.
He is gleefully shooting video footage.

MAN (RADIO):“Starboard.”

08 C048b.jpg

08 C048c.jpg


Misato takes a document out of a clear file case and presents it.

MISATO:“Thank you for your assistance in transporting Unit-02. This document contains the specifications for the emergency power supply socket.”

MAN 1:“Right the helm.”

MAN (RADIO):“Helm amidships.”

08 C049a.jpg

08 C049b.jpg

08 C049c.jpg


He looks at the document and then lowers it.

CAPTAIN:“(No mouth movement) *Hmph*
(With mouth movement) To begin with, I haven't heard of any requests to mobilize that doll while we're at sea.”

MAN:“Right the helm, helm amidships.”

08 C050.jpg


Smiling calmly, she again deflects his remark.

MISATO:“May I ask you to understand it as a provision in case of an emergency situation?”

MAN (RADIO):“Right the helm, helm amidships, understood.”

08 C051b.jpg


The captain and first officer continue to be sarcastic.

CAPTAIN:“As a provision in case of emergency, we, the Pacific Fleet, are escorting it. Since when, I wonder, did the U.N. forces transition to become a delivery service?”

MAN (RADIO):“No activity on the enemy surveillance radar.”

08 C051c.jpg

08 C051d.jpg

08 C051e.jpg

Kensuke passes across the foreground.

FIRST OFFICER:“I remember it being after a certain organization was established.”

WOMAN (RADIO):“Nothing unusual on sonar.”

08 C052.jpg


Long shot of the bridge.
Outside the windows are silhouettes of the great fleet.

CAPTAIN:“A very fine escort for the transporting of a single toy. The entire might of the Pacific Fleet.”

MISATO (BACK):“When you consider the importance of Eva, it isn't enough.”

MAN:“Roger. Continue surveillance. Strengthen surveillance activity.”

UrsusArctos: The fleet was maintaining radar and sonar surveillance throughout - even accounting for ATF voodoo, the noises made by something Gaghiel's size moving that fast through the water should have been impossible to miss.

08 C053b.jpg

08 C053c.jpg


Misato, with the captain in the foreground.
Smiling, she presents a document.

MISATO:“Well, if you would sign this document.”

MAN:“All ships, maintain present course and speed.”

08 C053d.jpg

08 C053f.jpg

CAPTAIN (BACK):“Not yet. (Pan begins) Unit-02 and its pilot have been entrusted to this fleet by the Third Branch in Germany. (Pan ends) I will not permit you to just do what you please.”

Having been flatly rejected, Misato's smile remains unnaturally in place.

At the end of the cut, Shinji looks towards Misato.

MAN (RADIO):“Roger. All ships, maintain present course and speed.”

08 C054.jpg


Shinji's perspective. A change in Misato's facial expression, seen from behind. It becomes firm.

MISATO:“Then, when will you transfer them to us?”

CAPTAIN (OFF):“After we've unloaded in New Yokosuka.”

MAN (RADIO):“Report from the weather section. Air pressure to remain stable until 18:00 today. Weather will continue to be clear.”

08 C055.jpg


The captain and first officer.

CAPTAIN:“At sea, we have jurisdiction. You will follow our orders without argument.”

MAN (RADIO):“Current air temperature is 32 degrees.”

thewayneiac: Fahrenheit or Celsius?

UrsusArctos: Quite clearly Celsius, given how warm and sunny it is outside. Asuka wouldn't be wearing a sundress at 32 Fahrenheit (it's the freezing point of water, after all). Japan uses Celsius and an international fleet would likely use Celsius as well.

08 C056a.jpg

08 C056b.jpg


Misato snaps shut her file case.

MISATO:“I understand.”

SE <<Snap>>

08 C056c.jpg

08 C056d.jpg

Shinji is astonished, Toji is enchanted, and Asuka is as she normally is.

MISATO:“However, do not forget that we, NERV, possess overriding authority in the case of an emergency situation.”

TOJI:“(Quietly) She's sooo cool.”

SHINJI:“(Quietly) It's as if she was Ritsuko-san...”

08 C056e.jpg

08 C056g.jpg

KAJI (OFF):“As gallant as ever.”

At the sound of Kaji's voice, Asuka turns to the right side of the screen and cries out happily.

ASUKA:“Kaji-senpai! ♡”

08 C056h.jpg

Misato turns in the direction of the voice with a sense of foreboding.

MAN:“Maintain course. Steady ahead.”

08 C057b.jpg


Kaji, standing in the hatch.
He is giving a slight wave.

MAN (RADIO):“Surface surveillance radar OK.”

08 C058a.jpg

08 C058b.jpg

08 C058c.jpg


Misato's eyes grow wide with shock.


08 C058d.jpg

08 C058e.jpg

Flustered, Misato's breath catches in her throat.

CAPTAIN (OFF):“Kaji-kun, I don't recall inviting you to the bridge.”

KAJI (OFF):“Sorry about that.”

MAN (RADIO):“No obstacles on course for the next 50 miles.”

08 C059a.jpg

08 C059b.jpg

08 C059c.jpg


The clear file case falls to the floor.

SE <<Plunk>>

MAN:“5th Squadron taking up surveillance duties as scheduled. Code E. Departure is on schedule. Make the preparations for takeoff. Quickly!”

08 C060a.jpg

08 C060b.jpg


The passage outside of the bridge.

MISATO:“Well then, if you'll excuse us.
I leave it to you to transport everything as far as New Yokosuka.
(Misato's dialogue is to overlap with the dialogue of the other two)

TOJI:“This is a date?”

Kensuke is highly excited.

KENSUKE:“Awesome, it's too awesome!”

WOMAN (RADIO):“Flight control room, roger.”

UrsusArctos: The staircase outside the bridge island is too large and it's plainly enclosed - also, what is Kensuke filming and calling awesome? All he should be seeing is a blank wall.

08 C061a.jpg

08 C061b.jpg

08 C061c.jpg


The captain with the first officer, hurling abuse.

CAPTAIN:“Shit! Are kids going to save the Earth?”

FIRST OFFICER:“I guess times have changed.
I hear that Congress has also placed its hope in that robot.”

The two look out the window.

CAPTAIN:“In that toy? Damned idiots.”

MAN (RADIO):“Hangar deck, roger.”

08 C062.jpg


CAPTAIN (OFF):“If they've got that kind of money, they should be sending it our way. (Bleeds into the next cut)

A tanker seen outside the window.

MAN (RADIO):“Flight deck, roger.”

08 C063.jpg


Shift to close angle of the tanker.
There is a covering spread out across the deck.

SE <<Sound of waves>>

08 C064a.jpg

08 C064b.jpg


Black screen.
As the camera slowly tracks up, something like the face of an Angel becomes visible.

SE <<No sound, then Angel sound effects
(like the processed sound of a human breathing)>>

MISATO (OFF):“What are you doing here?!”

UrsusArctos: Having those red lights emerge in the inky darkness is pretty cool.

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