FGC:Episode 08 Cut 056

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Screenshots Cut # Description/Dialogue Commentary

08 C056a.jpg

08 C056b.jpg


Misato snaps shut her file case.

MISATO:“I understand.”

SE <<Snap>>

UrsusArctos: Misato exudes some of the quiet formality from the previous episode. But now, Shinji, you'll see why Misato is nothing like Ritsuko...

08 C056c.jpg

08 C056d.jpg

Shinji is astonished, Toji is enchanted, and Asuka is as she normally is.

MISATO:“However, do not forget that we, NERV, possess overriding authority in the case of an emergency situation.”

TOJI:“(Quietly) She's sooo cool.”

SHINJI:“(Quietly) It's as if she was Ritsuko-san...”

08 C056e.jpg

08 C056g.jpg

KAJI (OFF):“As gallant as ever.”

At the sound of Kaji's voice, Asuka turns to the right side of the screen and cries out happily.

ASUKA:“Kaji-senpai! ♡”

08 C056h.jpg

Misato turns in the direction of the voice with a sense of foreboding.

MAN:“Maintain course. Steady ahead.”