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"Making something... Nurturing something is really great. You can see and learn so many things from the process."
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Evangelions, Angels, and more traditional "mecha" (i.e., robots) located outside of the main series canon and not considered to warrant their own pages.


Evangelion-detective otsugouki screen.jpg
Evangelion Type Beta (エヴァンゲリオン乙型, Evangerion Otsugata)

Appearances: Evangelion Detective (debut), Battle Orchestra
Alternate Designation: Evangelion Unit-β (エヴァンゲリオン乙号機, Evangerion Otsugouki)
Pilot: Kaworu Nagisa.

Battle-orchestra kougouki.jpg
Evangelion Unit-α (エヴァンゲリオン甲号機, Evangerion Kougouki)

Appearance: Battle Orchestra


Unnamed Angel

Nge-sega-saturn angel-lockon.jpg
Unnamed Angel

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Sega Saturn). Designed by Ikuto Yamashita.

Insubstantial Angel

Insubstangel larval card front-crop.jpg
Insubstangel imago card front-crop.jpg
Unnamed Angel

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion: Second Impression (Sega Saturn)

An Angel whose design concept seems to take what Ritsuko said about Sandalphon's "chrysalis" to heart, by having the entity go through larval and pupal (chrysalis) stages before reaching adulthood ("imago"). It has no known name, although its Bandai Carddass cards refer to it as "Insubstantial Angel". Its core is contained within the body of Mayumi Yamagishi. Designed by the famous Mahiro Maeda.[1]

Diemay-angel,eva01 crop.jpg
"Diemay Angel"

Appearance: Illustration by Yo Yoshinari from Animage 3/96

During NGE's original airing in Japan, a contest took place wherein original Angel designs were submitted to Gainax by viewers. The favored submission would appear in an original illustration by one of the Gainax artists. The results were published in the March 1996 issue of Animage, with the winner being Satou "Diemay" Daimei of Tokyo. His Angel was drawn by Yo Yoshinari in a face-off against Eva-01 in an image entitled "Eva's Final Battle" ("Eva Saishû Kessen"), with the note that the image had nothing to do with the actual ending that would eventually air.

Diemay's sketch includes the following notes:

  • Angel's height: 100 m
  • The core is on its forehead.
  • The projection on the forehead is the Angel's "Charm Point".
  • The first pair of arms contain "Deutron Rifles", which are, according to Diemay, "more powerful than the Positron Rifles of the Evas".
  • The second pair bear claws of some sort.

Source: Japan.Anime.Evangelion FAQ

Nge-rpg-white-paper iblis bw.png
Iblis (イブリース)

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The Nerv White Paper

Nge-rpg-white-paper baraq bw.png
Barakijal (バラキエル)

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The Nerv White Paper

(no known image)
Raziel (ラジエル)

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal

A "metallic giant", and the first Angel (or "Apostolo", rather) to attack Tokyo-3 in an earlier draft of the story.

Proposal 34 sha,tu.jpg
Shateiel (シャテイエル

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal

Unused Angel concept. The "Angel of Silence", an "optical combat weapon" enshrouded by a rotating, crystal-like, multifaceted plate. It absorbs and stores (electro)magnetic energy, which it can then convert and use in attacks. The converted energy is apparently released through the core-like orbs on either end of its symmetrical body.

Turel (テゥレル)

Appearance: Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal

Unused Angel concept. "Angel of the Rock of God", a floating white "monolith" with an appearance like a face crowned by four spikes and wearing a very tall, steep miter adorned with a blue gem. It is extremely powerful, seems impervious to all attack, and steadfastly seeks out its target(s) with the aim of self-destruction.


T-RIDEN-T Land Cruiser

Appearance: Girlfriend of Steel

Production sketch

A dinosaur-like robot developed by a rival of Nerv's. Three were produced in total, each having a designated pilot around the Evangelion pilots' ages; these are Musashi Lee Strasberg, Keita Asari and Mana Kirishima. However, only two are ever seen onscreen and out of those two, only one is actually seen in action: Keita's is shown in one scene having fallen off a waterfall, and Mana's does not appear throughout.

Nice one, Keita!

Yamashita comments on the final design:

Since the creation process was completely finished, I was finally given notification of the official names: "Shinden" and "Raiden". Because I had wanted a class designation in the original name, the "mu" of "Gamu" (the mecha's temp name) was added onto "Raiden" as "T-RIDEN-T Class Land Cruiser".


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