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Collage of Yamashita's production drawings of the Evangelions

Ikuto Yamashita (山下いくと) (born 1965 in Gifu, Japan) was the lead mecha designer of Evangelion and designed Eva 01 and most other mechanical and vehicular designs in Eva. He is a graduate of Nagoya University Of Arts, has designed mecha for numerous anime and created the sci-fi manga series, Dark Whisper.[1]

In 2002, Yamashita was asked to create new designs for the Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 video game, specifically to create a "heavy-armored Eva for use in hand-to-hand combat." This resulted in designs for F-Type Eva equipment and a new design of Jet Alone, the mecha from Episode 07 of Evangelion.

Yamashita is credited as the mecha designer of Rebuild of Evangelion. He presumably created the new look of Eva 00 and Eva 01 in Rebuild 1.0. He also created new designs of the NERV and SEELE logos and contributed designs to Evangelion Anima, which he is also the main creator of.

An unused TV series ending and movie scenario by Yamashita was published in Sore o Nasumono in 1998.


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The design concept is "Enormous Power Restrained," Neon Genesis Evangelion manga, Vol 1, essay by Yamashita.

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