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Ikki Todoroki is an assistant director for Khara. He has served on the Rebuild films and also seems to be Anno's own personal assistant and secretary.[1][2][3][4] He has several miscellaneous credits, like Evangelion 2.0's poster. Anno originally met him in 2004, during production of Otakus in Love, directed by a friend of his, Suzuki Matsuo, and eventually took him as a protegé at Matsuo's recommendation. Anno seems to value him as a connection to the Eva fan, with Todoroki having been a fan since the first series' airing and a huge fan of Anno in general.[5][6]

Notes and References

  1. First known mention of Todoroki, from 2006: "The name Todoroki Ikki is listed as registration and tech contact. It's worth noting Anno Hideaki appeared in the movies Taste of Tea and Naisu No Mori with Todoroki Ikki."
  2. IMDB profile
  3. (Tsurumaki) He further said, “Isn’t a change as drastic as having Asuka pilot Unit-03 necessary?” I think, because this was a major, fundamental change, opinion was divided when I researched the views of a number of staff members. (Ikki) Todoroki, in particular, was tremendously opposed5⁠.
    Anno: Before that [decision] I ask my assistant Todoroki what he thinks about it. Todoroki’s viewpoint, both as a fan and as a creator, is extremely accurate, so I’m very grateful for his advice.
    [...]“he’s a CM director who is credited in the Rebuild films as Anno’s assistant and also as being involved in publicity or advertising. In the interviews so far he’s been mentioned as taking notes at Atami [see Enokido Memo 1] and modifying one of the 1.0 posters according to Anno’s directions”.
    [...]The first memo is a "group memo" taken down by Ikki Todoroki on the third day of the Atami retreat and contains a list of all the scenes expected to remain in the script. There are some interesting differences between this and the final film. The final scene appears to be a synthesis of the original Rei "suicide scene" and the "Shinji saves Rei" scenario.
    [...]Enokido: There were the directors, Anno-san, Tsurumaki-san, and Masayuki-san, as well as (Ikki) Todoroki-san, who was performing secretarial duties.- Evangelion 2.0 CRC
  4. (Ogata): So I asked, "Why did you ask me that in the first place!?" I don't know if it was instrumental at that time or what it meant, but he said, "Among the members of this meeting only Todoroki (Ikki) and you understand Shinji's feelings”. (laughs). So I had a little discussion with the staff about how Shinji would act.
    (Ogata):"One day, I got a call from Khara, Inc. saying, 'We'd like to discuss the scenario,' so I went there and had a meeting. Anno said, 'I want to know your opinion on how to deal with Shinji's inability to speak at the end of 3.0.' "I told him, 'I'll do whatever Anno decides,' but he said, 'Now I feel closer to Gendou than Shinji. The only people who can understand Shinji's feelings now are Ogata and [Anno's assistant] Ikki Todoroki' (laughs)."
    Maeda: Ikki Todoroki, the assistant to the general director, decides on the key color for each project, and he told me that he wanted to use white this time. - Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Assorted Translations
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  6. Shin Godzilla theatrical pamphlet

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