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Evangelion fan comic translated by Dan from the Eva Fan Club, which came out with the original Japanese Evangelion video release in 1996. Full issue available here.

Dan Kanemitsu (credited in Japan as "Daniel Makoto Kanemitsu", 兼光ダニエル真) is the in-house translator at Khara since 2007, when the studio was founded. Dan does the translation work inside the actual movies, does the film festival subtitles, translation work for Khara's publications, exhibitions, and such. Anno has used him for his work in general, including non-Eva ones such as Shin Godzilla. He has an extensive history with Gainax, Khara and Evangelion.[1]

Dan is directly responsible for official translations of Eva done in the past, including the new Netflix translation [2], and has been involved with Khara since at least Evangelion 1.0. He has also voiced a few background characters in Evangelion 2.0. Dan is directly credited with the subtitle track for Evangelion 3.0. His involvement with Eva did not begin with the Rebuild movies, however; see image at right for a known example of Eva translation work from as far back as 1996. He has also accompanying Anno and other Gainax staffers in conventions, like the Anime Expo '96 in the United States in which Anno mentions Asuka being his favourite character. He also serves as an interpreter in those instances. He has also participated in a doujin series with Anno, Sadamoto and others.[3]

He has also worked for Khara in other projects, like Animator Expo.

He has a degree in East Asian studies from the University of Minnesota. Their academic press specializes in translating anime criticism originating from Japan: for example, translations of books by Azuma Hiroki and Tamaki Saito and an academic journal called "Mechademia", specialized in anime and manga research. He also has extensive experience translating other anime and manga since 1989. [4]

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Notes and References

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