Mass Production Evangelions (Rebuild)

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Mass Production Evangelions (tentative)
Eva3-33 jikai C12 mp-evas.jpg
Model Type Unknown
Pilot(s) Unknown
Soul(s) Unknown
First Sortie Evangelion: Final

Mass Production Evangelions (as tentatively named by the English-speaking fanbase) are an army of identical, mass-produced Evangelions seen in the preview for Evangelion: Final. Their appearance is foreshadowed by massive amounts of identical Eva armor and weaponry stockpiled throughout Nerv HQ in Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo.


Physically, the Mass Production Evangelions appear to be exact replicas of Evangelion Mark.06, with red visors and horned helmets. The only difference is that while the Mark.06 is blue with a yellow trim, the Mass Production Evangelions are dark green with a greyish-green trim. All the Mass Production Evangelions are identical, although some are without shoulder pylons.

During 3.0, the armor and weaponry required for these Evas can be seen on conveyor belts or in rooms throughout Nerv HQ; it is unknown if the biological bodies of the Evas had been produced at this time, as they are not shown. Thus, the methods used for their construction and the reasons why they were able to be produced and deployed in such large numbers are shrouded in mystery.

While some Mass Production Evangelions seem to be capable of moving and attacking like normal Evas, others appear to be stationary and are seen collectively producing several enormous AT Fields. The exact capabilities of the Mass Production Evangelions are unknown and they show strangely passive behaviour, seemingly unlike their counterparts from End of Evangelion. It is also unknown whether they rely on the Dummy Plug, living pilots, or are "autonomous" like the Mark.06.


The exact abilities of the Mass Production Evas are unknown, but they are seen to be able to combine their AT Fields when in close proximity to create much larger and possibly stronger AT Fields. They arrange themselves in an octagonal pattern when doing this. These Evas also seem to lack any external source of motive power such as a power cable, implying that they have an internal power source like the the Mark.06, the Mark.09 and Eva-13.

Operational History

In the preview for Final, Eva 08+02 is seen fighting an army of Mass Production Evangelions on the remains of Tokyo-3, near the fallen Black Moon. Eva 08+02 succeeds in cutting down several Mass Production Evangelions with the Magorox Sword, as well as defeating some in hand-to-hand combat. The MP Evas appear to try to engage Eva 08+02 but do not attack in coordination or with much force, for unknown reasons. The MP Evas are equipped with large assault rifles akin to those used in the original series, although these rifles appear to have progressive knives attached to them as crude bayonets. They MP Evas are not shown to use these firearms, which makes it easier for Eva 08+02 to defeat them. A much larger group of MP Evas is seen surrounding the fallen Black Moon, projecting several enormous AT Fields of unprecedented size.

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