Evangelion Unit 8 Plus 2

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Evangelion Unit 08+02
Eva 08 plus 02.jpg
Model Type Unknown
Pilot(s) Unknown
Soul(s) Unknown
First Sortie Evangelion: Final

Evangelion Unit 08+02 is a new Eva unit that appears in the preview for Evangelion: Final that was attached to the ending of Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo. Given differences between the content of the previews for Evangelion 2.0 and Evangelion 3.0 and the actual content of the movies, there remains a high possibility that this unit may be redesigned entirely (like Eva-08 from the 3.0 preview) or be placed in a situation substantially different from that seen in the trailer.


Unit 08+02 is an unconventially produced Evangelion that appears to contain components from the recently destroyed Evangelion Unit-02, although it seems to be made mostly from Evangelion Unit-08. Close examination of the Eva reveals that what initially appears to be half of Eva-02's body stuck onto half of Eva-08's is actually Eva-08's body, half of which is painted in Eva-02's colours. The remains of Eva-02's head seen at the end of 3.0 have been grafted onto Eva-08's head, giving it a rather odd appearance.

The exact nature and capabilites of Eva 08+02 are currently unknown, although it appears to be extremely capable in close-range combat. It is possible that combining parts from the ruined Eva-02 with the mostly intact Eva-08 has given the Eva unspecified benefits or improved its abilities to a degree. There is speculation that the unit may utilize a Double-Entry System.

Physical Appearance

The Eva's colour scheme is a combination of Eva-08's colour scheme and Eva-02's colour scheme, divided down the middle. As the Eva is constructed from the intact body of Eva-08, its armor configuration and the position of the green lights across the surface of its armor is identical to that of Eva-08. However, it appears that the left shoulder pylon has been replaced by one of Eva-02's shoulder pylons. The right side of the Eva's head is the same as that of Eva-08; however, the left side appears to have been recovered from Eva-02 and features two of Eva-02's monitor eyes, as well as half of the crescent-shaped armor piece on its forehead. The split between the two halves is abrupt, giving rise to the misconception that the bodies of the two Evas were completely combined, when in reality it appears that only the head has been excessively modified. The jawpiece of the helmet also appears to have been modified somewhat.

Operational History

In the preview for Final, Eva 08+02 is seen in the ruins of Tokyo-3, fighting an army of Mass Production Evangelions. It appears to be equipped with a Magorox Sword during the battle. Eva 08+02 succeeds in cutting down several Mass Production Evas, as well as defeating some in close-combat. The preview ends with a swordless Eva 08+02 leaping into the air, revealing a massive group of Mass Production Evas producing several enormous AT Fields around the fallen Black Moon.

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