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Evangelion Unit-00
Model Type Prototype
Pilot(s) Rei Ayanami
Soul(s) Unknown
First Sortie Evangelion 1.0

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Eva-00's Rebuild design has slightly altered proportions as compared to Eva-00 in the anime, as well as an altered color scheme. Instead of an overall orange color scheme, the Rebuild version includes gray-colored lower legs and slight color alterations to its arms and chest area, as well as a prominent gray waistband. As in Episode 06, it is severely damaged by the Sixth Angel.

Tenth Angel about to swallow Eva-00.

In Evangelion 2.0, Eva-00's armor has received a slight upgrade. Eva-00's role in the battle with the Eighth Angel is similar to that against Sahaquiel, but this time it sustains significant damage while holding the Angel's core in place for Eva-02 to stab. Because of this damage, it is not able to take part in the battle with the Bardiel-counterpart Ninth Angel.

The role of Eva-00 is drastically changed in the battle with the Tenth Angel, beginning in the same manner as the battle against Zeruel but with a very different outcome. Evangelion Unit-00 launches to use an N² Missile on the Tenth which does not have any effect on the Angel this time around either and blows off Eva-00's arms as in the original series. Instead of simply incapacitating the Eva and moving on, the Angel completely devours the Eva (except for the feet) and absorbs it and its pilot.

The Angel's body swiftly reconfigures into a distorted female figure (from the neck down) minus feet and its pattern changes to that of Eva-00, which would have allowed it to penetrate Level EEE unharmed by the automated safeguards. Once the Angel is destroyed, Eva-01 pulls out the core of Eva-00, which contains the soul of Rei Ayanami, from the interior of the Angel's core, and the now-dead Angel's body fluid reassembles around the core into the figure of a giant red Rei.

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