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Double Entry System

The Double Entry System is a variant of the standard Evangelion control system by which two plugs, and therefore two pilots, are used to pilot a single Evangelion. It is seen for the first time in Evangelion 3.33.

Use in the New Theatrical Edition

The Double Entry System never appeared in the TV series. As previously stated, 3.33 was its first appearance. In the film, it is piloted by Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa inside of the new Evangelion 13. The system can be best used to full effect when the two pilots are able to "join tempos"[1], which is reminiscent of the scene from Episode 07 where Shinji and Asuka focus upon a common goal to give Unit-02 extra power. Kaworu and Shinji choose to focus upon a piano duet they play together earlier in the film, granting the Evangelion the ability to breach the barrier covering Terminal Dogma.

In the trailer for Evangelion: Final, it is hypothesized that the Eva 08+02 contains a Double Entry System. However, this is only speculation and has not been verified.


  1. Kaworu speaks these lines to Shinji in the script created as a GitHub project. The official translation is the same.

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