Terminal Dogma

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Inside Terminal Dogma (Episode 23)

Terminal Dogma is the lowest, most secret level of Nerv headquarters. It is located deep below[1] Central Dogma accessible via. an Elevator, but only to those with the highest level of clearance (Gendo, Fuyutsuki, and Ritsuko Akagi). Within Terminal Dogma is the "LCL Production Plant" -- actually, it's the live Angel Lilith crucified to a giant cross, and impaled on the Spear of Longinus, Lilith's blood forming an entire lake of LCL. The Eva graveyard for failed prototype Evas, and the Dummy Plug Plant -- cloning facilities to produce copies of Rei Ayanami, are also located here.[2]


  1. Terminal Dogma is located 2008 meters below Central Dogma. It is not entirely clear what level of the Nerv HQ complex Central Dogma is located on, but the ground level of the Geofront is 0.9 km below the surface city of Tokyo-3, so Terminal Dogma is roughly 3 km below the Earth's surface.
  2. It's mentioned that the Eva Graveyard and the Dummy Plug Plant are located deep within the "centre" of Central Dogma. It is not clear whether this implies Terminal Dogma or if it's simply in a lower level of Central Dogma.

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