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Dr. Katsuragi
Dr. Katsuragi
Affiliation(s) Gehirn
National Heritage Japanese
Relations Misato Katsuragi (daughter)
Seiyū N/A

The mysterious Dr. Katsuragi (葛城博士, Katsuragi-hakase)[1] is Misato's father, a dedicated and brilliant scientist up until his death on September 13, 2000 (during Second Impact). His only on-screen appearance was in Episode 12's brief flashback sequence.

Professional Life

Dr. Katsuragi's exact field is unknown, although theoretical physics or energy research are possibilities. His work eventually resulted in the publication of the Super Solenoid (or S²) Theory in 1999[2], which appears to have been poorly-received by the scientific community.[3] He hoped to utilize the principles established by his theory to create a device (the "S² Engine") capable of generating limitless amounts of energy — a perpetual motion machine, effectively.[4][2]

He was a member of the organization Gehirn. When and why he joined are unknown [5]. In 2000, funded by Seele and with the cooperation of the United Nations, he led the eponymous Katsuragi Expedition to Antarctica for the ostensible purpose of acquiring "proof" for his theory. This was obtained "inadvertently" by the expedition's discovery of the humanoid entity designated "Adam", whose innate energy source ultimately proved to operate in accordance with the S² Theory. Dr. Katsuragi's ideas vindicated thus, Adam's own "S² Engine" was utilized in the continuing effort to create an artificial one.

Katsuragi and the scientists beneath him were thought of poorly by Keel Lorenz, who believed they were so "caught up in their dogma, they [lost] their grip on reality", and only sought self-satisfaction through the "joy of discovery" and the control brought by understanding.[3] Considering this, and the fact that Dr. Katsuragi remained at the base (rather than departing with Gendo and Keel), he was in all probability unaware of the Contact Experiment's "true" function — one which held no regard for the lives of the research team — and Seele's intentions in general.

Personal Life

Katsuragi was a man who became utterly consumed by his work, eventually coming to completely neglect his responsibilities as a husband and a father. As a result, his wife was "always crying" in his absence, and Misato experienced a joyless childhood of being a "good girl" who helped shoulder the burdens her father left behind.[6] While Dr. Katsuragi was commonly perceived as being "sensitive and delicate", Misato rejects this notion, believing him to be no more than a weak and child-like person who ran away from reality. At length, Katsuragi's wife resolved to divorce him, with Misato fully backing the decision. This development shocked Katsuragi, and the young Misato mocked him, feeling he had "brought (the situation) upon himself".[7]

While Katsuragi presumably did not have primary custody of Misato, she was nonetheless present at the UN Base in Antarctica, where her father's research team was located. Why she was there — e.g., if Katsuragi forced her to accompany him despite the wishes of Misato and her mother, or if something happened to his ex-wife, after which he accepted custody — is a complete unknown.

On September 13, 2000, the research team performed an experiment on Adam that went awry. Katsuragi escaped from the site[8] with Misato so that he might deliver his daughter to her best chance for survival. He and Misato were evidently caught in some kind of explosion, and, judging from Katsuragi's level of injury relative to Misato, it is possible that he used his own body to shield her from harm. In spite of his extensive wounds, he stayed alive long enough to place his daughter within the only intact escape capsule available.[7]

Before he died, he passed a pendant in the shape of a Greek cross on to Misato.[7] No elaboration whatsoever is provided as to what this object meant to its original owner, although Misato kept it as a memento of him, and it functions as a versatile symbol throughout the course of the series.

Other Continuities

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Manga Adaptation

After he places Misato into the capsule, he tells her, "Take care of Mom for me." He doesn't appear to be injured in this version, making the "sacrifice" aspect more explicit.

Rebuild of Evangelion

Misato's father (not identified as "Dr. Katsuragi" explicitly) appears in a flashback to Second Impact in Evangelion 2.0. He and Misato watch the wings of the Adams stretch up toward the sky. He places Misato in the escape capsule and passes his pendant off to her before being blown away by a shock wave.

Misato's Father in Rebuild
Witnessing wings of Adams with Misato.
Misato's father with pendant.

Detective Evangelion

The game gives him the first name "Hideaki". He also appears older in the game than he does in the anime.


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  • Dr. Katsuragi's full name is never revealed in the canon. Like his daughter, his surname is derived from the eponymous aircraft carrier.
  • Although he is completely silent in the original Japanese version, ADV chose to have him vocalize in their English language dub.
  • An image of Adam being excavated within the White Moon is included in the pre-Renewal version of Episode 23’ and the Full-Length Opening video compiled by Masayuki. Three figures stand in the foreground with their backs to the camera, and it is possible that these are actually (from left to right) Keel, Gendo, and Dr. Katsuragi.
  • While Dr. Katsuragi is regarding Misato for the last time, a drop of his blood falls and spatters onto her cheek. This is probably intended to represent a "tear of blood".
  • Katsuragi's final moment with Misato is directly paralleled in Episode 18 when Misato wakes up and finds Kaji by her side.
    • The situation as a whole is also heavily mirrored with Misato and Shinji in Episode 25’: Misato, who is heavily wounded and on the brink of death, entrusts Shinji with the Greek cross and places him into an enclosed space that offers the best promise of getting him to safety. Shutters close before he can truly say good-bye. Once he is out of sight, Misato collapses; shortly before she can perish from blood loss, she's killed by an explosion.
    • Further parallels can be found between the deaths of Dr. Katsuragi and Eva-02 (Kyoko Soryu Zeppelin); see here. Both absentee parents more committed to the pursuit of science than to their parental responsibilities, who ultimately end up finding redemption in crisis -- sacrificing their own bodies in an attempt to shield their children from harm.


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