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All 30 issues of Chronicle
Title Evangelion Chronicle
Original Publication Date July, 1, 2006 - September, 15, 2007 / August 24, 2010 - January 6, 2011
Publisher Sony Magazines / DeAgostino
Pages roughly 1600
Dimensions 28.5 x 22 cm (11¼ x 8¾ in.)

Evangelion Chronicle is a roughly 1600-page encyclopedic publication on Neon Genesis Evangelion published by Sony Magazines with the endorsement of Gainax and Khara. Its contents are distributed across thirty serial, magazine-like issues that began publication on 07/01/2006 and completed on 09/15/2007.

After that initial run, DeAgostino took over the licensing deal and worked on ten additional issues, starting from 08/24/2010 and ending by 10/26/2010. These issues were created to coincide with the theatrical release of Evangelion 2.0, and update the encyclopedia with contents of the New Theatrical Releases. Following that, they released another ten issues, starting from 11/02/2010 and ending in 01/06/2011. These final issues were developed to introduce new fans to the world of the previous TV series and films, detailing the changes between the New Theatrical Releases and the original source material.

The fifty issues are intended to be collected and their contents reassembled into binders. Each issue is bound with weak glue to facilitate easy removal of the pre-hole-punched leaves. All of the pages are fully labeled, so organizing them into the proper encyclopedic format is an entirely intuitive process, however time-consuming. Additional money may be spent on purchasing official Evangelion Chronicle binders (listed at 1,790円 for the first binder plus dividers, and 990円 for the dual set of binders 01 and 02, and sporting a Yoshiyuki Sadamoto illustration of several Evangelion characters), although any quality 4-cm, three D-ring binders should suffice.

Chronicle has relatively little information that is strictly new, although it is a bountiful and in many ways indispensable resource for the hard-core Eva fan. As Evangelion Chronicle is an officially endorsed supplementary source, its contents are considered third-tier canon[1]. Unfortunately, it is all in Moon-runes Japanese, and translations are elusive things.

The publication has a dedicated team of illustrators, all of whom seem to be working on Evangelion for the first time. Hirofumi Ichikawa and Youichi Fukano (M.I.C.) are dedicated to the Mechanical Sheets and Character Sheets, respectively. Takuya Io contributes a majority of illustrations to other sections. Other contributors include Syuji Imai, Kakuhiko Kakoi, Tomotake Kinoshita, kmyu, Naochika Morishita, Kaito Oomoto, SHISHIZARU, K2 Shoukai, Yoshihiro Takahashi, and Tayuki Yanase.

In addition to the primary encyclopedia, The Essential Evangelion Chronicle Side A (10/25/2007) and Side B (11/26/2007) have been published. These seem to be "digest" volumes with no unique content apart from the cover art, although further confirmation is required. Both these volumes and the individual issues are now out of print, and the official website was discontinued during Spring 2008 or earlier.


The following provides (or will provide, at least, upon acquisition of issues 29 and 30, GIVE REICHU YOUR MONEY) a full "table of contents" for Chronicle in its complete, encyclopedic format. Summaries of the specific information contained within the individual sheets ("Content Details") will be gradually furnished. The names of the sheets in both Japanese and English (as provided by Chronicle) are supplied, with literal title translations occasionally supplied in parentheses. Note that Chronicle's English language titles sometimes include "non-standard" Romanizations, spellings, and translations.

This page has been updated and laid out based on the newest DeAgostino release instead of the initial Sony Magazines one, though bear in mind that the page numbering for the topics that coincide between the two versions is exactly the same.

For an indexed list of pages from the issues, check Evangelion Chronicle (index by issue) (WIP).

Binder No. 00

Binder No. 00 contains two main sections, Mechanic Sheets and Character Sheets. This binder uses a blue shade for the logo letters and the insides of it, in an allegory to Eva-00'.

The cover contains a drawing of Rei, superimposed on top of a portrait of the Eva-00' and Kaworu in the left top corner by the background, in an art by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. The inside of the cover of the binder has a picture of Eva-00 amidst of throwing the Spear of Longinus, in an art by Hirofumi Ichikawa. The back cover uses a background gray and white image of Rei, and in a small box on top of it a picture of Rei, leaning against a destroyed wall in her plug suit (one of Sadamoto's more famous images).

Series Guide

The collection starts with an 8-page Series Guide, containing and detailing the plans for the collection, including a final list of Sheet numbers for the first three binders in the collection (plan which was thankfully followed).

I. Mechanic Sheets

Includes Evangelions, Angels, and more "properly" mechanical things. Evas, Angels, and Jet Alone receive fold-overs: a double-page spread with an original illustrations by Hirofumi Ichikawa on one side, and information on the other.

The Binder separator cardboard page front contains a red and black drawing of Eva-01, along with Shinji right after putting his plug suit on (art by Youichi Fukano). In the back, a gray and black illustration of the Eva-01 after going berserk. The only red detail in the illustration marks Eva-01's eye for added impact.

Sheet Number Sheet Name Issue: Pages Content Details Original Illustration
01 [A] エヴァンゲリオン 初号機 (Evangelion Unit-01)
Evangelion Test Type [A]
01: 01-04 Data about Eva-01 and shield colors, the Progressive Knife, the Entry Plug, the Umbilical Cable and how the Eva looks without the shield, as well as generalities about Shinji Eva-01 withdrawing prog knife in mid-leap
01 [B] エヴァンゲリオン 初号機 (Evangelion Unit-01)
Evangelion Test Type [B]
06: 01-04 A detail of the angels engaged by the Eva-01, and generalities about the Pallet Rifle Eva-01 poised with pallet rifle
01 [C] エヴァンゲリオン 初号機 (Evangelion Unit-01)
Evangelion Test Type [C]
25: 01-04 Details about the berserk mode of Eva-01, the changes it undergoes, and instances when it has occurred. Also, information about the Hand Gun and the Dummy System Berserk Eva-01 ("awakened")
01 [D] エヴァンゲリオン 初号機 (Evangelion Unit-01)
Evangelion Test Type [D]
29: 01-04 The Eva-01 angelic status, and the use of the Spear of Longinus. Also, data about Operation Yashima and the Positron Sniper Rifle Eva-01 with wings of light
02 [A] エヴァンゲリオン 零号機 (Evangelion Unit-00)
Evangelion Proto Type [A]
02: 01-04 Data about Eva-00 and orange shield colors, activation process and failures, the SSTO shield, and generalities about Rei Eva-00 (orange model) squatting, with shield lifted in front
02 [B] エヴァンゲリオン 零号機 (Evangelion Unit-00)
Evangelion Proto Type [B]
15: 01-04 Details of the Eva-00' blue shield colors, booster rockets, the Prototype Entry Plug, and the Sniper Rifle Eva-00' (blue model) with sniper rifle
02 [C] エヴァンゲリオン 零号機 (Evangelion Unit-00)
Evangelion Proto Type [C]
27: 01-04 Information about the angels engaged by Eva-00 and the weapons it has used: the Positron Sniper Rifle, the N2 Bomb and the Spear of Longinus Eva-00' throwing Spear of Longinus
03 [A] エヴァンゲリオン 弐号機 (Evangelion Unit-02) 
Evangelion Production Model [A]
03: 01-04
Eva-02 leaping and casting off Really Big Tarp
03 [B] エヴァンゲリオン 弐号機 (Evangelion Unit-02) 
Evangelion Production Model [B]
20: 01-04 Battle history; damage dealt to individual mass production Eva units Eva-02 with hand bazookas
03 [C] エヴァンゲリオン 弐号機 (Evangelion Unit-02) 
Evangelion Production Model [C]
28: 01-04
Eva-02 (movie version)
04 エヴァンゲリオン 3号機/第13使徒 バルディエル (Evangelion Unit-03 / 13th Angel Bardiel)
Evangelion Production Model / Thirteenth Angel Bardiel
17: 01-04
"Possessed" Eva-03 preparing to "throw" right arm
05 エヴァンゲリオン 量産機
Evangelion Mass Production Model
09: 01-04
Crouching MP Eva unit with ooken; two airborne units in background
06 第1使徒 アダム
First Angel Adam
14: 01-04
Adam as "Giant of Light" (extremely vague silhouette)
07 第2使徒 リリス 
Second Angel Lilith
19: 01-04
Lilith as "Giant Rei" (sans bug-eyed facial expression)
08 第3使徒 サキエル 
Third Angel Sachiel
04: 01-04
Two-faced Sachiel firing "lance of light"
09 第4使徒 シャムシェル 
Fourth Angel Shamshel
07: 01-04
Shamshel in "battle mode," with "whips of light" flailing
10 第5使徒 ラミエル
Fifth Angel Ramiel
11: 01-04
Ramiel with drill extended, charging up an attack
11 第6使徒 ガギエル 
Sixth Angel Gaghiel
10: 01-04
Gaghiel underwater with jaws open
12 第7使徒 イスラフェル 
Seventh Angel Israfel
18: 01-04
Israfel Alpha (gold) and Beta (silver)
13 第8使徒 サンダルフォン 
Eighth Angel Sandalphon
16: 01-04
Sandalphon with mouth open and fingers spread
14 第9使徒 マトリエル 
Ninth Angel Matriel
21: 01-04
Matarael (with legs not poised for reliable standing)
15 第10使徒 サハクィエル 
Tenth Angel Sahaquiel
12: 01-04
Sahaquiel doing a swan dive
16 第11使徒 イロウル 
Eleventh Angel Yroul
26: 01-04
Simulation body covered in Ireul "nanomachines"
17 第12使徒 レリエル 
Twelfth Angel Leliel
23: 01-04
Leliel's ultra-flat body absorbing Eva-01, with spherical shadow overhead
18 第14使徒 ゼルエル 
Fourteenth Angel Zeruel
05: 01-04
Zeruel with tips of both arms split into "hands"
19 第15使徒 アラエル 
Fifteenth Angel Arael
24: 01-04
Arael seen from behind
20 第16使徒 アルミサエル 
Sixteenth Angel Armisael
22: 01-04
Eva-00 with "Angel Tower" growing out of back, with Armisael's "free end" (foreground) in shape of Rei
21 第17使徒 タブリス 
Seventeenth Angel Tabris
13: 01-04
Grinning, levitating Kaworu; Eva-02 "holding" Kaworu silhouetted in background
22 ジェットアローン 
Jet Alone
08: 01-04
J.A. taking a step forward, with right arm spread upwards
The following sheets "feature" colorized concept art instead of a spread by Ichikawa.
23 EVA長距離輸送機
Transport Aircraft
17: 09-10

24 EVA電源装着トレーラー 
Power Supply Installation Trailer
10: 09-10

25 14式大型移動指揮車 
Command Vehicle 2014Type
07: 09-10

26 NERV車両 
Nerv Vehicles
09: 09-10

27 国連軍兵器 重戦闘機 
United Nations Force [1] Heavy Fighter
02: 09-10

28 国連軍兵器 海上兵器 
United Nations Force [2] Naval Forces
05: 09-10

29 国連軍兵器 陸上兵器 
United Nations Force [3] Ground Combat Vehicles
03: 09-10

30 国連軍兵器 航空兵器 
United Nations Force [4] Air Force
20: 23-24

31 国連軍兵器 Mil-55d 輸送用ヘリコプター 
United Nations Force [5] Transport Helicopter
11: 09-10

32 14式大型架橋自走車 
Bridgelayer 2014Type
08: 09-10

33 アルピーヌ・ルノーA310(改) 
Alpine Renault A310 (Misato's Custom)
04: 09-10

34 防護服 
Protective Suit
06: 09-10

35 戦略自衛隊兵器 
Japan Strategic Self Defense Force
18: 19-20

36 医療機器 
Medical Equipment
16: 09-10

37 電子機器 
Electronic Equipment [1] Computer
12: 09-10

38 電子機器 
Electronic Equipment [2] SDAT / Video Camera
14: 09-10

39 NERV特殊機器 
NERV Special Equipment
15: 09-10

40 銃火器 
Firearms [1] Handgun
13: 09-10

41 銃火器 
Firearms [2] Machine Gun
22: 21-22

The final sheet in the section contains a two page spread.
42 エヴァンゲリオン 
30: 01-04
Collage of the 6 different Evangelion models.

II. Character Sheets

All original illustrations by Youichi Fukano (M.I.C.).

The Binder separator cardboard page front contains the same illustration of Eva-01, but this time on blue and black, along with Rei sitting in her plug suit, with a mysterious soft smile (art by Youichi Fukano). In the back, the same illustration of Eva-01 as for the previous separator cardboard page. This time, Eva-01's bright eye is blue colored.

Sheet Number Sheet Name Issue: Pages Content Details Original Illustration
01 [A] 碇シンジ
Shinji Ikari [A]
01: 05-08
Shinji holding Misato's photograph and R-55 handbag
01 [B] 碇シンジ
Shinji Ikari [B]
21: 05-08
Shinji sitting cross-legged in plugsuit
01 [C] 碇シンジ
Shinji Ikari [C]
24: 05-08
Shinji draping Gendo's uniform jacket over his shoulders
02 [A] 綾波レイ
Rei Ayanami [A]
02: 05-08
Bandaged Rei in school uniform
02 [B] 綾波レイ
Rei Ayanami [B]
10: 05-08
Rei in plugsuit sitting, holding Gendo's glasses
02 [C] 綾波レイ
Rei Ayanami [C]
26: 05-08
"Transfer student Rei" waving in mid-run, with chibi Lilith attached to hand case
03 [A] 惣流・アスカ・ラングレー
Soryu Asuka Langley [A]
03: 05-08
Asuka in sun dress holding red duffel behind her
03 [B] 惣流・アスカ・ラングレー
Soryu Asuka Langley [B]
12: 05-08
Asuka sitting in plugsuit, resting elbow on knee and head on hand
03 [C] 惣流・アスカ・ラングレー
Soryu Asuka Langley [C]
22: 05-08
Asuka in school uniform "reaching out," with chibi Pen Pen attached to hand case
04 [A] 葛城ミサト
Misato Katsuragi [A]
04: 05-08
Misato in black one-piece, with one arm behind head and holding Nerv jacket in other
04 [B] 葛城ミサト
Misato Katsuragi [B]
14: 05-08
Misato in formal uniform, with one hand on hip and twirling beret on index finger of other
04 [C] 葛城ミサト
Misato Katsuragi [C]
29: 05-08
Young Misato in parka with her father's pendant
05 [A] 赤木リツコ 
Ritsuko Akagi [A]
05: 05-08
Ritsuko in standard attire, hands pocketed, looking downwards
05 [B] 赤木リツコ 
Ritsuko Akagi [B]
18: 05-08
Ritsuko seated with legs crossed, cigarette in hand, wearing lab coat and bathing suit
06 [A] 碇ゲンドウ 
Gendoh Ikari [A]
06: 05-08
Gendo in uniform, pushing glasses up bridge of nose
06 [B] 碇ゲンドウ 
Gendoh Ikari [B]
27: 05-08
Gendo Rokubungi resting left hand on injured arm
07 [A] 冬月コウゾウ 
Kouzou Fuyutsuki [A]
15: 05-08
Fuyutsuki in uniform, standing tall with hands behind back
07 [B] 冬月コウゾウ 
Kouzou Fuyutsuki [B]
28: 05-08
Fuyutsuki in olive business suit, holding folder of documents
08 加持リョウジ 
Ryoji Kaji
13: 05-08
Kaji with hands pocketed and cigarette in mouth, eyes cast downward
09 鈴原トウジ 
Tohji Suzuhara
17: 05-08
Toji sitting in plugsuit with arm resting on knee
10 相田ケンスケ 
Kensuke Aida
19: 05-08
Kensuke in military fatigues, with camcorder raised
11 日向マコト 
Makoto Hyuga
25: 05-08
Hyuga with handgun ready at his side
12 青葉シゲル 
Shigeru Aoba
20: 05-08
Aoba in casual attire, sitting with guitar case resting on left leg
13 伊吹マヤ 
Maya Ibuki
07: 05-08
Maya in mid-stride, cradling closed laptop PC in right arm
14 洞木ヒカリ 
Hikari Horaki
08: 05-08
Hikari with wrapped lunch and hand case
15 キール・ローレンツ 
Kiel Lorenz
09: 05-08
Keel standing with hands behind back
16 碇ユイ 
Yui Ikari
30: 05-08
Yui in standing while applauding, possibly in her pose from the final episode of the TV series
17 赤木ナオコ 
Naoko Akagi
16: 05-08
Naoko in labcoat, looking over shoulder, with folder labeled "MAGI" under left arm
18 渚カヲル 
Kaworu Nagisa
11: 05-08
Kaworu sitting in plugsuit with arm resting on knee, looking over shoulder
19 ペンペン 
23: 05-06
Pen² from behind, looking over shoulder, with claws extended
The following "feature" colorized concept art instead of an original by Fukano.
20 NERV女性オペレーター 
Female Operators of Nerv
01: 09-10

21 NERV男性オペレーター 
Male Operators of Nerv
08: 11-12

22 NERVスタッフ 
Staffs of Nerv
03: 11-12

23 国連軍高官 
High Officers of the United Nations Forces
02: 11-12

24 オーバー・ザ・レインボウの艦長 副長 
Captain and Commander of 'Over the Rainbow'
06: 11-12

25 2年A組の生徒たち 
Students of Class 2-A
04: 11-12

26 人類補完委員会 
The Human Instrumentality Committee
07: 11-12

27 その他の人々 
Other People
11: 23-24 Shiro Tokita, etc.

Binder No. 01

Binder No. 01 contains four main sections, Timeline Sheets, Tactics Sheets, Installation Sheets and Technology Sheets. This binder uses a purple shade for the logo letters and the insides of it, as a reference to the usual color of the shield of Eva-01.

The cover contains a drawing of Shinji, on top of a close portrait of Misato and the Eva-01, with a backdrop of fire, in an art by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. The inside of the cover of the binder has a picture of Eva-01 standing on one foot while carrying the Pallet Rifle, in an art by Hirofumi Ichikawa. The back cover uses a background gray and white image of Shinji, and in a small box on top of it a picture of Rei, Asuka, Misato, Shinji and Kaworu, Shinji having a nice cup of coffee and using Misato's well-known cross necklace (again, art by Sadamoto).

III. Timeline Sheets

Step-by-step "walk-through" of the series, illustrated with screenshots and production images. It calls itself a "chronology," though is inconsistent about shuffling events into actual chronological order. For example, while events from Episode 21 et al. are arranged chronologically (on two sheets of "back story") before the story proper begins, a number of flashbacks, such as Misato scolding Shinji after the Shamshel fight and Eva-00's activation test, maintain their "in-episode placement."

The Binder separator cardboard page front features the same drawing of Eva-01, this time on purple and black, with Asuka sitting in her plug suit on (art by Youichi Fukano). In the back, the same gray and black illustration of the Eva-01 after going berserk, with a purple detail in Eva-01's eye.

Sheet Number Sheet Name Issue: Pages Content Details
01 セカンドインパクト 
Second Impact
01: 13-16 Episode 21 et al.: Origins and plans of Seele; Fuyutsuki, Gendo Rokubungi, and Yui Ikari; Katsuragi Expedition and Second Impact; Second Impact aftermath; investigation of South Pole; Second Impact cover-up; Artificial Evolution Laboratory and Gehirn.
02 NERV、誕生 
A Day Nerv Was Born
02: 13-16 Episode 21 et al.: Yui's contact experiment and disappearance; Gendo takes up the Human Instrumentality Project; Misato, Ritsuko, and Kaji meet; Kyoko's contact experiment and suicide; Ritsuko and Misato join Gehirn; Rei 1's murder and Naoko's suicide; Nerv created.
03 使徒、襲来 
Angel Attack
03: 13-16 Episode 01: Up through Shinji accepting to pilot Eva-01.
04 初めて戦闘 
A First Engagenment [sic]
04: 13-16 Episode 01: Eva-01 launch.
Episode 02: Sachiel battle; Shinji in hospital; cleanup after battle; committee meeting; Shinji and Gendo elevator encounter; Shinji moves in with Misato; "Hang in there."
05 転校生 (The Transfer Student)
A Transfer
05: 13-16 Episode 03: All events.
06 ヤマアラシのジレンマ 
Hedgehog's Dilemma
06: 13-16 Episode 04: All events.
07 レイ、心の向こうに (Beyond Rei's Heart)
07: 13-16 Episode 05: All events.
Episode 06: Shinji recovered and hospitalized; analysis of Ramiel's attack.
08 戦闘、第3新東京市
Battle in Tokyo-3
08: 13-16 Episode 06: Remaining events. (Note: Uses Death screenshots for final scene.)
09 人の作りしもの
A Human Work
09: 13-16 Episode 07: All events.
10 アスカ、来日 (Asuka Arrives in Japan)
Asuka Strikes!
10: 13-16 Episode 22′: Asuka and Kaji en route.
Episode 08: All events.
11 瞬間、心、重ねて (Moment and Heart Together)
Let's Dance to Win!
11: 13-16 Episode 09: All events.
12 マグマダイバー
Magma Diver
12: 13-16 Episode 10: All events.
13 静止した闇の中で (In the Still Darkness)
The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still
13: 13-16 Episode 11: All events.
14 奇跡の価値は (The Worth of a Miracle)
Dive from the Stratosphere
14: 13-16 Episode 12: All events.
15 使徒、侵入 (Angel Invasion)
Lilliputian Hitcher
15: 13-16 Episode 13: All events.
16 ゼーれ、魂の座 (Seele, Throne of Souls)
16: 13-16 Episode 14: Meeting with committee; unit interchangeability experiment and aftermath; Gendo and Fuyutsuki's discussion; Eva-00 takes Spear to Terminal Dogma.
Episode 15: Up through Shinji and Gendo's meeting at Yui's "grave marker."
17 男と女
Man and Woman
17: 13-16 Episode 15: Asuka returns from her date, to end of episode.
18 死に至る病、そして (Sickness Unto Death, And...)
Despair and Death
18: 13-16 Episode 16: All events.
19 四人目の適格者
Fourth Children
19: 13-16 Episode 17: Misato questioned by Seele, through to Toji summoned from classroom
20 命の選択を (A Life Choice)
20: 13-16 Episode 17: Remaining events.
Episode 18: Events up through Eva-03 going berserk at activation experiment.
21 ダミーシステム、起動 (Dummy System, Start-up)
Dummy System
21: 13-16 Episode 18: Reclassification of Eva-03 as Angel to end of episode.
22 男の戦い (A Man's Battle)
22: 13-16 Episode 19: Up through Shinji's conversation with Kaji by melon patch.
23 初号機、覚醒 (Eva-01 Awakens)
23: 13-16 Episode 19: Remaining events.
24 心のかたち人のかたち (Form of the Mind, Form of the Man)
Salvage Project
24: 13-16 Episode 20: All events.
Episode 21: Fuyutsuki's seizure by Seele, etc.
25 せめて、人間らしく (At Least, Be Humane)
Don't Be.
25: 13-16 Episode 21: Kaji retrieves Fuyutsuki; Misato released; Kaji killed; Misato receives Kaji's telephone message and mourns her loss.
Episode 22: Asuka's plummeting synch rate to end of episode ("mind rape" sequences skipped over).
26: 13-16 Episode 23: Up through Rei 3's release at the hospital.
27 最後のシ者 (The Final Messenger)
Fifth Children
27: 13-16 Episode 23: Rei at her apartment to end of episode.
Episode 24: Up through shower scene and Seele's initial congregation.
28 リリスとの邂逅 (Encounter with Lilith)
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
28: 13-16 Episode 24: Gendo in Eva-01's Cage to episode end.
29 Air
Love is Destructive
29: 13-16
30 まごころを、君に (Sincerely Yours)
I Need You.
30: 13-16

IV. Tactics Sheets

Major events (e.g., Second Impact), tactical operations (battles), technical operations (experiments), and so forth.

The Binder separator cardboard page front features the same drawing of Eva-01, this time on bright orange and black, with Misato in her usual attire (art by Youichi Fukano). In the back, the same gray and black illustration of the Eva-01 after going berserk, with an orange detail in Eva-01's eye.

Sheet Number Sheet Name Issue: Pages Content Details Original Illustration(s)
01 葛城調査隊&国連セカンドインパクト調査団 
Katsuragi Research Team and UN Investigation Team of the Second Impact
28: 09-10
Gendo and Fuyutsuki on UN Investigation Ship (Morishita)
02 E計画 
Project E
24: 17-20
In-progress Eva prototype attached to a red cross and immersed in fluid (Morishita)
03 碇ユイ消失事件 (Yui Ikari Disappearance Incident)
Dissolving Incident of Yui Ikari
30: 09-10
Young Shinji Ikari looks upon a window, where Yui is strapped to an early revision of the entry plug.
04 零号機起動実験 
Starting Experiment of Eva-00
02: 17-18
Eva-00 smashes the reinforced glass of the observation window (Io)
05 [A] 第3使徒サキエル戦 (The Third Angel Sachiel Battle)
The Third Angel Sachiel Annihilation Operation [A]
01: 11-12
Sachiel being attacked by tanks and Heavy Fighters (Kinoshita)
05 [B] 第3使徒サキエル戦 (The Third Angel Sachiel Battle)
The Third Angel Sachiel Annihilation Operation [B]
16: 11-12
Sachiel staggering back as Eva-01 uses the Angel's chest as a landing site (Kinoshita)
06 第4使徒シャムシェル線 (The Fourth Angel Shamshel Battle)
The Fourth Angel Shamshel Annihilation Operation
03: 17-18
Eva-01 plunges the progressive knife into Shamshel's core (Io)
07 ヤシマ作戦 
Operation Yashima
05: 17-20
Eva-01 lifting positron cannon, Eva-00 in background (Kinoshita) /
Eva-00 employing shield against Ramiel's attack (")
08 J.A.停止作戦 
J.A. Stoppage Operation
04: 17-18
Eva-01 attempting to restrain JA (Io)
09 第6使徒ガギエル遭遇戦 
The Sixth Angel Gaghiel Encounter Battle
06: 17-18
Gaghiel rushing towards Eva-02 underwater (Io)
10 二点同時過重攻撃作戦 
The Heavy Simultaneous 2-Point Attack
07: 17-20
Eva-01 and Eva-02 kicking Israfel's unfused cores in unison (Io) /
Eva-01 and Eva-02 behind rising partition (")
11 使徒捕獲作戦 
Angel Capture Operation
08: 17-18
Asuka in entry plug glancing at screen with Sandalphon approaching, mouth open and arms spread (Io)
12 EVA人力起動 
Man-Powered Activation of Evangelion
10: 11-12
Workers manually lowering an entry plug into place with a pulley system (Io)
13 第9使徒マトリエル戦 
The Ninth Angel Matriel Annihilation Battle
09: 17-18
Eva-01 in shaft firing up at the Angel (unseen) (Io)
14 ロンギヌスの槍回収 
Recovering the Lance of Longinus
21: 09-10
Wrapped Lance Spear on deck of ship (Io)
15 第10使徒サハクィエル 
The Tenth Angel Sahaquiel Annihilation Battle
18: 09-12
Eva-01 "holds up" Sahaquiel (not shown) as the other two Evas move in on both sides (Kinoshita) /
Eva-02 jumping over telephone towers (")
16 第11使徒イロウル戦 
The Eleventh Angel Yroul Annihilation Battle
13: 17-20
Simulation body begins to move under Yroul's Ireul's control (Morishita) /
Simulation body covered in Ireul computer circuitry, with invasion status of Magi superimposed (")
17 第1回機体相互互換試験 
First Unit Interchangeability Test
12: 11-12
Eva-00 breaking out of restraints (Kinoshita)
18 第12使徒レリエル戦 
The Twelve Angel Leliel Annihilation Battle
15: 17-20
Eva-01 rips out of Leliel's spherical shadow (K2 Shoukai) /
Eva-01 shoots at Leliel's ultra-flat body (")
19 EVA4号機S²機関搭載実験 
Experimental Installation of the S² Engine in Eva-04
20: 17-18
Woman in whitecoat looking through window of observation booth, while techies in foreground look at Eva-relevant displays (Io)
20 3号機起動実験 
Starting Experiment of Eva-03
11: 11-12
Eva-03 in Cage with Toji looking on (Yanase)
21 第13使徒バルディエル戦 
The Thirteenth Angel Bardiel Annihilation Battle
14: 11-12
Eva-03/Bardiel restraining Eva-00 (K2 Shoukai)
22 サードチルドレン初号機占拠事件 
Eva-01 Seizure by the Third Children
22: 09-10
Two Nerv workers in protected suits soldering open Shinji's entry plug (Io)
23  第2次ジオフロント攻防戦
Second Battle at Geo Front
19: 09-12
Eva-01 rushing Zeruel in Command Center (Io) /
Zeruel cuts of Eva-02's arms (")
24 サードチルドレンサルベージ作業 
Salvage Operation for Third Children
23: 11-12
Ritsuko and Maya standing on umbilical bridge in front of bandaged Eva-01 (Morishita)
25 第15使徒アラエル戦 
The Fifteenth Angel Ariel Annihilation Battle
17: 11-12
Eva-00 after flinging the Spear of Longinus into the sky (Morishita)
26 第16使徒アルミサエル戦 
The Sixteenth Angel Armisael Annihlation Battle
25: 09-12
Eva-00 restraining Armisael and shooting with sniper rifle (K2 Shoukai) /
Shinji sees Rei-Armisael through the entry plug screens (")
27 第17使徒タブリス戦 
The Seventeenth Angel Tabris Annihilation Battle
29: 09-12
Kaworu as Tabris, floats over to face Lilith (with her usual seven eyes mask on)
28 NERV強制接収 
Compulsory Requisition of Nerv
26: 09-12
Armed JSSDF soldiers head down a stairway; VTOLs in background (Io) /
Eva Series land inside the Geofront (")
29 人類補完計画 
The Human Instrumentality Project
27: 09-12
Two uniformed Rei stand in the Command Center looking down at where Hyuga and Aoba had once been (Morishita) /
Giant Rei "embraces" a winged Eva-01 (")
30 全使徒戦報告書 (Report on All Angel Battles)
Angel Combat Report
30: 21-24
Misato overlooking Sachiel destruction trail from the Command Center

V. Installation Sheets

Places, organizations, facilities, etc.

The Binder separator cardboard page front features a drawing of Eva-01's face, this time on green and black, with Gendou in his middle-fingered pushing his glasses up, in his NERV Commander attire (art by Youichi Fukano). In the back, the same illustration of the Eva-01 as berserk, with some green details for Eva-01's eye.

Sheet Number Sheet Name Issue: Pages Content Details Original Illustration(s)
01 [A] 第3新東京市 
Tokyo-3 [A]
01: 17-18
Worker with clipboard oversees transport of pallet rifle to armament building (Io)
01 [B] 第3新東京市 
Tokyo-3 [B]
14: 17-20
Tokyo-3 six-lane street (Io) /
Mirror buildings (")
01 [C] 第3新東京市 第3新東京市立第壱中学校 
Tokyo-3 [C] Tokyo-3 1st Public Junior High School
23: 21-24
Students gathered excitedly around newcomer Ikari (Io) /
Female students at swimming pool (")
01 [D] 第3新東京市 居住施設 
Tokyo-3 [D] Housing Facilities
25: 17-20
Hikari leaning against her refrigerator with an open book in hand (Io)
02 [A] その他地域 旧東京 
Other Regions [A] Old Tokyo
17: 17-18
Heavy Fighter VTOL flying over flooded Old Tokyo (Io)
02 [B] その他地域 第2新東京市 
Other Regions [B] Tokyo-2
21: 11-12
Citizens in Tokyo-2 street look up at giant-scale TV monitor announcing Japan-wide blackout (Io)
02 [C] その他地域 日本国情勢
Other Regions [C] The Situation in Japan
29: 17-18

02 [D] その他地域 国際情勢
Other Regions [D] The International Situation
30: 11-12

03 [A] NERV 
Nerv [A]
02: 19-20
Nerv Headquarters pyramid and subterminal (kmyu)
03 [B] NERV 
Nerv [B] Central Operations Room
05: 11-12
Command Tower from the front (Imai)
03 [C] NERV EVA関連施設 
Nerv [C] Eva Related Facilities
20: 09-12
Group of workers supervising Eva-02 in Cage (Io) /
Workers supervising Eva launch procedure (?) (")
03 [D] NERV 本部内施設 
Nerv [D] Institution in the Headquarters
24: 09-12
Handcuffed Shinji in Gendo's office (Io) /
Misato sitting in strategy room with Hyuga standing at her side and Eva-01 balloon dummy on screen (")
03 [E] NERV ターミナルドグマ 
Nerv [E] Terminal Dogma
27: 17-18
Failed prototypes lying in heap within "graveyard" (Io)
04 ゲヒルン 
10: 17-18
Two Gehirn whitecoats look up at first Evangelion prototype (Io)
05 ジオフロント 
Geo Front
03: 19-20
View from linear rail of ceiling city and Geofront below (Takahashi)
06 ぜーレ 
08: 19-20
Fuyutsuki standing before the Seele monoliths (Imai)
07 人類補完委員会 
The Human Instrumentality Committee
06: 19-20
The committee holding session (Keel Lorenz, Gendo Ikari, and the American and English committeemen visible) (Io)
08 日本国政府 
Government of Japan
12: 23-24
The prime minister hangs up the phone, with secretary in foreground (Io)
09 国連 
United Nations
04: 19-20
VTOLs above, naval fleet below (Io)
10 葛城調査隊 
Katsuragi Research Team 
11: 17-18
Three scientists looking at computer screens with data on Spear of Longinus and Adam (Io)
11 日本重化学工業共同体 
Japan Heavy Chemical Industrial Co-operative
18: 17-18
Jet Alone under construction (Io)
12 浅間山地震観測研究所 
Mt. Asama Earthquake Research Laboratory
22: 11-12
Volcano probe undergoing maintenance (Io)
13 戦略自衛隊 
Japan Strategy Self Defense Force
26: 17-18
JSSDF soldiers in the forest, preparing for the assault (Io)
14 南極 
South Pole
28: 11-12
Survey ship investigating post-2I South Pole (Oomoto)

VI. Technology Sheets

This section contains a series of detailed information about the technology involved in the whole series: Evangelions, weaponry, support equipment, terminology and specific instances/occurrences in Evangelion history.

The Binder separator cardboard page front features the same drawing of Eva-01, this time on light blue and black, with Ritsuko in her science team robe and swimsuit, smoking a cigarette (art by Youichi Fukano). In the back, the same gray and black illustration of the Eva-01 after going berserk, with a light blue detail in Eva-01's eye.

Sheet Number Sheet Name Issue: Pages Content Details Original Illustration(s)
01 エヴァンゲリオン 
01: 19-22
Eva-01 receiving entry plug (Io)
Eva-01 in Cage (Io)
02 EVA銃火器類 
Eva Firearms
15: 21-24
Eva-00 reclining and taking aim with positron sniper rifle (Yoshio Sugiura)
Eva-02 with pallet rifle (")
03 EVA格闘武器類 
Eva Combat Arms
17: 19-22
Eva-01 wielding progressive knife (SHISHIZARU)
Eva-02 brandishing smash hawk, with Leliel around the bend (")
04 アンビリカル・ケーブル 
Umbilical Cable
02: 21-22 NOTE: Revised edition of sheet included in Issue 05. Eva-02 switching umbilical cable at Tokyo-3 outlet (Io)
05 ポジトロンライフル 
Positron Rifle
07: 21-22
Eva-02 taking aim with 20x positron rifle (Kinoshita)
06 パレットライフル 
Pallet Rifle
10: 19-20
Eva-01 firing pallet rifle within Tokyo-3 (Kinoshita)
07 EVA支援装備 
Eva Support Equipment
22: 17-20
Eva-02 in D-Type Equipment (Io) /
Eva-00 standing with heat-resistent shield (")
08 プログレッシブ・ナイフ 
Progressive Knife
03: 21-22
Eva-02 brandishing progressive knife (Io)
09 EVA活動限界 
Limitation of Activity of Eva
25: 21-24
Asuka in Eva-02 turning to face replica Spear ("off-screen"), with last two Eva Series units visible on-screen (Io) /
Zeruel lifting inactive Eva-01 by the head (")
10 [A] エントリープラグ1 
Entry Plug [A]
08: 21-22
Cockpit interior being placed inside (taken out of?) open entry plug (Io)
10 [B] エントリープラグ2 
Entry Plug [B]
24: 21-22 Dummy plug/system Eva-01 holding crushed entry plug of Eva-03 (Io)
11 L.C.L. 14: 21-22
Rei sitting inside entry plug being flooded with LCL (Io)
12 シンクロ 
16: 17-20
Ritsuko and Maya look on as Eva-01 stands up from its meal of Scrumptious Angel (Io) /
Shinji inside Eva-01 entry plug, with Sachiel on-screen, up close and personal (")
13 EVA輸送システム 
Eva Transport System
04: 21-22
Transport aircraft prepares to release Eva unit mid-air (Io)
14 EVA戦闘支援システム 
Eva Combat Support System
20: 19-20
Eva-01 with pallet rifle crouches next to active missile silo (Kakoi)
15 マイクロマシン 
Micro Machine
30: 17-18
Two micro machines firing their lasers to the corruption caused by Yroul
16 パイロット装備 
The Pilot Equipment
21: 17-20
Asuka getting into plugsuit (K2 Shoukai) /
Shinji putting on interface headset, with Rei in background (")
17 エヴァンゲリオン量産機 
Evangelion Mass Production Model
19: 17-18
Two Eva Series units (K2 Shoukai)
18 n²兵器 
n² Weapon
13: 21-24
Eva-00 with n² bomb (Io) /
Israfel Alpha and Beta being hit by n² depth charges (")
19 Magi 12: 17-20
Three Magi systems seen from the command tower (Io) /
Raised Magi "innards" (")
20 S²機関 
S² Engine
11: 19-20
Eva-01 feasting upon Zeruel (Morishita)
21 A.T.フィールド 
A.T. Field
05: 21-22
Berserk Eva-01 encountering enemy A.T. Field (Io)
22 ロンギヌスの槍 
Lance of Longinus
06: 21-22
Eva-00 removing Lance Spear from Lilith (Kinoshita)
23 [A] セカンドインパクト 
Second Impact [A]
09: 11-12
Giant meteor impacts into South Pole (Io)
23 [B] セカンドインパクト 
Second Impact [B]
26: 19-20
Fuyutsuki with Second Impact report, turning to fellow investigation member (Io)
24 サードインパクト 
Third Impact
30: 19-20
Giant Rei extracting a big sphere of L.C.L.
25 使徒 
23: 17-20
"Angel tower" rising out of Eva-00's back (Io) /
Kaworu Nagisa levitating, with battling Evas in background (")
26 サルベージ 
27: 19-20 Salvage of Eva-01 from Leliel; salvage of Eva-01's pilot after disintegration into LCL Ritsuko with fist upon equation-covered whiteboard (Io)
27 遺伝子 
28: 17-18
Rei clones inside tank (Io)

Binder No. 02

Binder No. 02 only contains a section, Extra Sheets. It contains an assortment of details about different events, terminology, about the TV series and theatrical releases (up to The End of Evangelion), the title cards, video games and more. This binder uses a red shade for the logo letters and the insides of it, as to refer to the color of Eva-02's shields.

The cover features an image of Asuka in her sunflower yellow colored dress, besides of a close portrait of Kaji and as a backdrop, the Eva-02 looms in darkness, drawn by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. The inside of the cover of the binder has a picture of Eva-02 handling dual grenade launchers, in an art by Hirofumi Ichikawa. The back cover uses a background gray and white image of Asuka, and in a small box on top of it, the world famous picture of Asuka in her dress atop the NERV logo (art by Sadamoto).

VII. Extra Sheets

As detailed before, The Extra Sheets contains detailed information about the series, including some interpretations and conclusions that might or not be even considered third-tier canon.

It divides itself into four subsections: Glossary (in the ever-wonderful Japanese kana order), Planning Documents, Topics, Theme Song Collection and Lists of Staff for the series and theatrical movies.

Though this binder only contains this section, it was released with a separator cardboard as well. The front of it features the same drawing of Eva-01, this time on dark orange and black, with Kaworu in his plug suit seductively sitting by (art by Youichi Fukano). In the back, the same gray and black illustration of the Eva-01 after going berserk, with some dark orange detail in Eva-01's eye.


40 sheets of key terms, people, places, and so forth, down to minutiae only mentioned or seen on screen once -- even the most hardened veteran may find the listing full of previously unnoticed items. The Glossary includes some extra-canonical items like video game characters and Eva weapons, as well. Illustrated with captioned screenshots.

For a translated listing of the glossary's contents, see Evangelion Chronicle (Glossary Index).


Sheet Number Issue: Pages Initial Term Final Term
01 01: 23-24 アータ引越センター Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
02 02: 23-24 AVISビール
Ikari Gendou
Gendo Ikari
03 02: 25-26 碇シンジ
Ikari Shinji
Shinji Ikari
Ura Ko-do
Backdoor Code
04 03: 23-24 裏死海文書
Ura Shikai Bunsho
Secret Dead Sea Scrolls
Evangerion Yongouki
Evangelion Unit-04
05 03: 25-26 工ヴァンゲリオン置産機
Evangerion Ryousanki
Evangelion Mass Production Unit
06 04: 23-24 F型装備
F-gata Soubi
F-Type Equipment
Over the Rainbow
07 04: 25-26 オーバー・ザ・レインボウ艦長
Ōbā Za Reinbou Kanchou
Captain of Over the Rainbow
Kashi Hachou no Enerugī Ha
Energy Beam in the Visible Spectrum
08 05: 23-24 加持リョウジ
Kaji Ryouji
Ryoji Kaji
Gafu no Heya
Chamber of Guf
09 05: 25-26 加粒子砲
Particle Cannon
10 06: 23-24 旧東京
Old Tokyo
Guten Morgen
11 07: 23-24 空母
Aircraft Carrier
12 08: 23-24 ゲノム生物学
Genomu Seibutsugaku
Genome Biology
13 08: 25-26 国際公務員
Kokusai Koumuin
International Civil Servant
Saigo no Shisha
The Final Messenger
14 09: 23-24 最終安全装置
Saishuu Anzen Souchi
Final Safety Device
CT Monitor
15 09: 25-26 Cモード
C Mode
Division Commander
16 10: 21-22 使徒
18banme no Shito
The 18th Angel
17 10: 23-24 首相官邸執務室
Shushou Kantei Shitsumushitsu
Prime Minister’s Residential Office
Jinrui Hokan Iinkai
Human Instrumentality Committee
18 11: 21-22 人類補完委員会委員
Jinrui Hokan Iinkai'iin
Human Instrumentality Committee Members
Seishin Houkai
Psychological Collapse
19 12: 21-22 生体コンビュータ
Seitai Konpyu-ta
Zettai Kyoukaisen
Absolute Borderline
20 13: 11-12 セフィロートの樹
Sefiro-to no Ki
Sephirothic Tree
Soumukyoku 3 Ka
General Affairs Bureau, Division 3
21 14: 23-24 惣流・アスカ・ラングレー
Souryuu Asuka Rangure-
Asuka Langley Soryu
Dai 3 Ji Setsuzoku Jikken
Linkage Experiment 3
22 15: 11-12 第3執務室
Dai 3 Shitsumushitsu
Office No. 3
Dai 12 Shito
12th Angel
23 16: 21-22 第14使徒
Dai 14 Shito
14th Angel
Dai 2 Shin-Toukyou-shi
24 16: 23-24 第2新東京市第三中学校
Dai 2 Shin-Toukyou-shi Dai San Chuugakkou
Tokyo-2 Third Middle School
Dai 6 Pipe
Pipe No. 6
25 17: 23-24 第6マルボルジェ
Dai 6 Maruboruje
Sixth Malbolge
26 18: 21-22 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
27 18: 23-24 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
28 19: 19-20 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
29 19: 21-22 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
30 20: 21-22 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
31 21: 21-22 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
32 21: 23-24 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
33 22: 23-24 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
34 23: 25-26 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
35 24: 23-24 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
36 25: 25-26 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
37 26: 21-22 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
38 27: 21-22 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
39 28: 19-20 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
40 29: 19-20 Āta Hikkoushi Sentā
Arta Moving Center
41 25: 27-28 Glossary Index 01
42 28: 21-22 Glossary Index 02

Planning Documents

35 sheets, each one containing a page from the original pitch for the series, including original illustrations that weren't available to the public before. In the back of each sheet, it contains an in-depth evaluation of some keywords and terminology used in the design document, and the fruition of those plans in the final work.

TODO: Create Table of Contents


This subsection contains information about Evangelion outside of the series and films, merchandising and other related topics.

TODO: Create Table of Contents

Theme Song Collection

This subsection contains data about the theme songs of the series and theatrical releases (up to The End of Evangelion).

TODO: Create Table of Contents

Lists of Staff

In this subsection, we have details of the staff involved in the creation of Evangelion, both the TV series and the theatrical releases.

TODO: Create Table of Contents

Contents List

A handy Contents list for the collection.

TODO: Scan the Contents List

Binder No. EX

To coincide with the theatrical release of Evangelion 2.0 : You Can (Not) Advance, DeAgostini (the latest beholders of the Evangelion Chronicle license), released a limited series of extra 10 Evangelion Chronicle issues with details about the Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0 films, along with a new binder and separators to contain them. This binder is, stylistically, pretty similar to the original binders, while using an dark orange shade for the logo letters and a bright orange color for the insides of it, presumably in a reference to the orange tinted glow present around the Evangelion 2.0 logo and the lettering used in the official poster and publicity materials typography.

The cover feature the official film poster for Evangelion 2.0 : You Can (Not) Advance, an original drawing with Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. Also, in the back cover, the original film poster for Evangelion 1.0 : You Are (Not) Alone. In the inside of the binder, a bright orange colored hexagonal backdrop.

Binder No. EX contains five sections. The first three of them prefixed with the "New Theatrical Release" denomination to differentiate them from the originals: Character Sheets, Mechanic Sheets and Story Sheets. Along with those, Puchi Eva Sheets and Extra Sheets to complement.

New Theatrical Release Character Sheets

New Theatrical Release Mechanic Sheets

New Theatrical Release Story Sheets

Puchi Eva Sheets

Extra Sheets

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