All About Kaworu Nagisa: A Child of the Evangelion

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Title All About Kaworu Nagisa : A Child of the Evangelion
Original Publication Date October 25th, 2008
Pages 212

All About Kaworu Nagisa: A Child of the Evangelion is an Evangelion fanbook[1] released in 2008.

It consists mostly of collected fan art, fan letters, doujinshi, as well as reprinted official art and reprinted pages from the manga and a Q&A for "Kaworists", with a strong focus on Kaworu Nagisa. It also features some supplemental information, apparently derived from sources such as Evangelion Chronicle. It is most noticeable for featuring interviews with Kunihiko Ikuhara and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

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Table of contents; Pages featuring artwork re-used from Shinji Ikari Raising Project and a fan letter


Partial collection of translated excerpts from the book available here.

Ebay page with some information and pictures from this book

  1. This book is referred to as such in multiple Japanese wikis: "ファンブック『ALL ABOUT 渚カヲル A CHILD OF THE EVANGELION』が2009年に発売された。内容は貞本義行へのロングインタビュー、漫画版のダイジェストなどである" The problem is that "fanbook" refers both to officially licenced books that do not classify as guidebooks or compilations and tend to have more visuals in them, but it can also apply to actually fan-made books just fine. This book is licenced by Gainax but this does not mean it should necessarily be treated as an official source, since Gainax has also licenced all sorts of published material like dozens of anthologies of doujinshi in the past, including pornographic ones, focused on multiple characters and relationships, and the only real difference those have from completely fan-made material is that they have an ISBN and might be sold beyond fan markets, but like the vast majority of merchandise, spin-offs and licenced material, should not be considered canon, as they are merely a means for Gainax/Khara to make money. This is particularly backed by the fact that the majority of this book is fan material that does not even try to claim it's canon. Another example of this is Eva Fan Club.
    As such, it is probably a good idea to only take the interviews into account much like magazines featuring interviews from Eva staff often contain original writing themselves, separate from the actual interviews. The uncertainty of how much Gainax/Khara has in any supplemental material has also adds to this, considering the contradictions and plain mistakes present in more than one of them. As such, the information on this book is somewhere between non-canon and the lower rungs of tier 3 canon, but the Sadamoto interview is tier 2. Ikuhara, however, was not involved in the production of Evangelion whatsoever, and his insights are his opinions and don't hold all that much more weight than other many other third-party sources over the years, even if he is responsible for works that have influenced Eva. This also applies to Miyazaki, Tomino, Go Nagai and other authors.

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