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Title Neon Genesis Evangelion Film Books
Author Tsugiho Kadokawa
Original Publication Date 1996-1997

The Neon Genesis Evangelion Film Books, published by Newtype, provide sanctioned commentary and some background info for each episode. They include images and dialogue from the series with some additional explanation and notes, and sometimes background and production information. They mostly state the obvious but can be useful in clearing up some things that aren't completely clear or ambiguous.[1] A notable example is how they mentioned the then common theory that Misato had killed Kaji in Episode 21, which would later be retconned in the Director's Cut version. [2]

These are not made by Gainax themselves and only in consultation with them, not unlike other materials such as Evangelion Chronicle.[3] Thus they should be considered Tier Three Canon. They consist of 9 volumes for the original series, as well as one for Evangelion: Death and two for End of Evangelion.

Example page from Volume 5, dealing with Asuka and Shinji's kiss in Episode 15. This is from the Chinese release.


  1. This is also commented by the editor of the Filmbooks:
    "The difficult thing [when creating filmbooks] is to establish rules as to how much to write -- How much information which is not explicitly stated in the work (secret settings, etc.) can be released? How far is allowed? This is because these criterion are rather subtle and vague. For example, there are cases where it is okay to publish facts (settings) that are public knowledge among staff, and other cases where these facts absolutely must not be made public." - Filmbook Remix, Vol.II
  2. The theory that Misato had killed Kaji is one of the oldest misconceptions in Eva fandom. This theory shocked Anno so much at the time that he'd later rectify it in the Director's Cut version of Episode 21 by changing the previous "evidence" for this, a shot of her room's door with her name on it, which was changed to just a shot of her apartment complex. This is one of the few cases of a straight-up retcon in Evangelion. This was controversial enough to be addressed by Newtype at the time: "While a lot of fans think that it was done by Misato, Director Anno raised the possibility that it could have been done by Japan government or Seele agent". The film-book also states that the killer was not a main character.
  3. Credits for Vol.1 clearly only mentions Gainax as "Thanks"

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