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Title Neon Genesis Evangelion
Newtype 100% Collection
Original Publication Date 1997
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Pages 180
Dimensions A4 (23.6 x 29.7 x 1.2 cm)

The Neon Genesis Evangelion Newtype 100% Collection (ISBN 4-04-852700-2) is a 178 page artbook in A4 format featuring stills and illustrations from the series, cast interviews/diary notes, the Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal, and a catalog of all the episodes, many of which have been featured in the Newtype magazine, There are 100 pages are in full color (including the front and back covers) while 80 pages are black and white preproduction sketches. It originally sold in Japan for about ¥1500.

Among some of the pictures found in this artbooks are:

  • Various drawings and illustrations from different series' artists
  • CD, CD-ROM, and Laserdisc cover arts
  • Guide of the 26 original episodes
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal miniatures (Spanish edition contains translation in final pages)
  • Multiple design sketches of main and secondary characters, Evangelion units, weapons, Angels and locations.
  • The floor plan of Rei and Misato's Apartment
  • Maps and the layout of Tokyo-3
  • Layout of the Geofront and Nerv's Command Center
  • Thumbnails of some of the pages of the articles which have appeared in the Newtype magazine.


Currently there are no English translations. Isolated pieces like the layout of the Command Center or the layout for Rei & Misato's Apartment have been translated, but little else.

There has been a German release of this artbook which a cover that features Rei, Shinji, and Evangelion Unit-00; there has also apparently been a French release (le grand livre de neon genesis evangelion) (cover) and a Spanish release by Norma Editorial in 1999 (Neogénesis Evangelion Art-Book).

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