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Title Hideaki Anno Schizo Evangelion
Hideaki Anno Parano Evangelion
庵野秀明 スキゾ・エヴァンゲリオン
庵野秀明 パラノ・エヴァンゲリオン
Author Kentaro Takekuma
Mitsunari Oizumi
Original Publication Date March 1st, 1998
Publisher Ohta Publishing
Pages 190 each

Hideaki Anno Schizo Evangelion and Hideaki Anno Parano Evangelion (i.e. paranoid schizophrenia) are two 1997 books with collected interviews, including some by Anno and other Gainax staff, as well as several essays and edited by Kentaro Takekuma and Mitsunari Oizumi. It also includes several third-party essays.[1][2][3][4]


Schizo/Parano forum thread

Source anthology, including the vast amount of material translated from Schizo and Parano available here.

  1. The table of contents for Schizo/Parano make it clear it includes third party essays and interviews with a number of people
  2. A note from the editor reiterating that Anno indeed did not write the whole book himself, unlike a news article from 2014 implied, but only edited what he said in his interviews. This was later corrected in the original Japanese article but those corrections were not made in the English translation. This would in fact be impossible, since large portions of Schizo and Parano are composed of interviews with other people talking about different subjects, sometimes even about Anno, all of which in his absence. This would require Anno to produce multiple fake interviews falsely involving other people (but not himself) and fake essays using other people's names (with or without their authorization) giving their own opinion and making guesses that just happen to match what these people also say in many other sources. You can find many of them here.
    The entire Twitter thread is available here. Note that Takekuma explains that Anno's statements were misunderstood or misrepresented, and that Anno apologized to him, whereas Takekuma contacted the Japanese news site, and their article had been appropriately corrected.
  3. " In his email, however, Kanemitsu noted that Anno makes no reference to the characters’ sexuality in the interviews that appear in the two books." - also from the Vox article above. The article also mentions, without dwelling any further on its own that: "This is a section of the book that is separate from Anno’s interviews, and perhaps was written by its editor, Kentaro Takekuma, and not taken from Anno himself."
  4. Schizo and Parano are books of the "taidan"(対談, conversation/dialogue) format, those are common book formats in Japan but rare in the West. Essentially they consist of one or more relevant people, or in this case artists, meeting up and talking about a specific subject in a casual manner with loose moderation, and their discussions are later edited and collected as interviews. As previously mentioned, the character guide is not part of these interviews and, despite the book itself being credited to Anno (and Takekuma), partly for marketing reasons, a little over half of it isn't composed of Anno's interviews but this is how it's commonly done with these books regardless so he cannot be considered the "author", as he hasn't even touched most of the book. Here is an example of a taidan. There also other taidan books involving Anno, such as this one, in which he talks with multiple playwrights, theatre actors, visual artists and such about several subjects and works by him and other people, but Eva is barely mentioned. Even Schizo and Parano themselves deal with a broad range of subjects beyond Evangelion alone. Extracurricular Lesson With Hideaki Anno is another example of a work featuring Anno and with his name on it that was (more obviously in this case) not made by him, but rather a part of a running Japanese TV show. A way of putting it could be that Anno is the subject of these books, not the author.

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