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Renewal of Evangelion is the finalized DVD edition of Neon Genesis Evangelion, released in Japan. It contains the Director's Cut (aka "New Production Cut") versions of episodes 21 through 24. It also includes a large amount of bonus material.

The North American release version of "Renewal" are called the "Platinum Edition" DVD sets. However, the Platinum Edition DVD set does not contain the Film versions of End of Evangelion (Episodes 25' and 26' (as well as Evangelion: Death)), and does not have quite as good video or sound quality when compared directly to Renewal.

Further, the vast amount of bonus material contained in the Renewal DVD set was not included in the Platinum Edition. As a result, because the bonus materials were not included in Platinum Edition they have never been officially translated into English, leaving it to North American fans to translate this large amount of bonus material on their own.

The 5.1 audio track

To help fill out the enhanced 5.1 audio track, random Gainax employees got to recite newly-added lines of technobabble. However, much of this information was actually originally scripted to be used in the series by creator Hideaki Anno, but was later removed as it was later felt that it would be "information overload" to have so much information being thrown at the viewer at once. Usually, this extra information is just being recited in the background by technical staff at Nerv, behind other lines of dialogue, and is difficult to hear. Still, especially as they were actually in the original script, these added extra background lines of dialogue sometimes provide important clues or hints about the series.

The Platinum 0:3 DVD booklet explained these extra background dialogue lines by saying:

"Some of the additional recorded dialogue is material that was intentionally left off the 2.0 stereo recording, even though Director Anno originally planned for it when the show was being produced, because it was surmised that including those lines would be information overload, making everything harder to hear. In other cases, there was dialogue added to tighten up certain areas that had too little information in terms of the audio. Specifically speaking, the majority of these lines are reports and announcements from the Nerv staff at the command center. Others include background crowd noises in school scenes and announcements at train stations. Of the cast members who participated in the additional cast recordings, the only original cast member is Megumi Hayashibara. And her part was to play the super computer, Magi, not Rei Ayanami. In other words, of the characters with names, the only one to have additional dialogue was the Magi."


  • A minor problem that was encountered in creating the remastered Renewal DVDs was that for some scenes from Episode 16 (as well as the preview segments at the end of episodes) the original 16 mm negatives from the development laboratory were lost, thus the scenes were remastered using a 35 mm internegative, to approximate the original.