Megumi Hayashibara

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Megumi Hayashibara
Megumi Hayashibara
Characters voiced Rei Ayanami / Yui Ikari, and Pen Pen
Birthday 03-30-1967

A selection of other roles played by Megumi Hayashibara

3 x 3 Eyes as Pai

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku as Atsuko / Nuku Nuku

Blue Seed as Momiji Fujimiya

Card Captor Sakura: The Movie as Madoushi

Cowboy Bebop as Faye Valentine

Detective Conan as Ai Haibara

Di Gi Charat as Piyoko / Piyokola

Hello Kitty as Hello Kitty

Lost Universe as Canal Volphied

Love Hina as Haruka Urashima

Paprika as Paprika / Doctor Atsuko Chiba

Pokemon as Musashi

Ranma 1/2 as Ranma Saotome (female)

Saber Marionette J as Lime

Sailor Moon S Movie as Himeko Nayotake

Slayers as Lina Inverse

Tenshi Na Konamaiki as Megumi Amatsuka

Yu Yu Hakusho as Genkai (young)

and many, many, others...


  • Prior to her seiyuu career, which began with her picking up a magazine with an advertisement for a seiyuu audition, Megumi is a certified nurse.
  • Has consistently topped Animage's Seiyuu Gran Prix polls for twelve years.
  • Is one of the few seiyuu who has the privilege to pick and choose specially-made voice roles.
  • In addition to voice acting, as a singer Megumi also secured sales of 2.5 million singles and 1.5 million albums since 1991.
  • As a radio talk show host, her two programs -- Heartfelt Station (Radio Kansai) and Tokyo Boogie Night (TBS) -- are one of the longest-running.


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