Maaya Sakamoto

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Maaya Sakamoto
Sakamoto s.png
Characters voiced Mari Illustrious Makinami
Birthday 03-31-1980

A selection of other roles played by Maaya Sakamoto

Binbo Shimai Monogatari as Kyo Yamada

Canaan as Alphard

Death Note as "Takada Kiyomi

Ghost in the Shell as Motoko (little)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex as Motoko (little)

Gundam SEED Destiny as Lunamaria Hawke

Macross Frontier -The False Songstress- (Movie) as Ranshe Mei (Ranka Lee's Mother)

Ouran High School Host Club as Haruhi Fujioka

RahXephon as Reika Mishima

Vision of Escaflowne as Hitomi Kanzaki


  • Started career as a child actress, but in the 1980s was later involved in ADR (additional dub recording) work in adapting Western films to Japanese.
  • Sakamoto is one of the few voice actresses ever to perform live at the Nippon Budokan.[1]
  • (2011-08-08) Now married to voice actor Kenichi Suzumura (Macross Zero, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed).


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