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The Additional Impact (so named as it was not present in Seele's scenario) is an Impact event that takes place in Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0, orchestrated by Gendo Ikari and featuring the four Nerv Erlösung-class battleships generating wings of light in the same manner as the Adams in the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy's version of Second Impact. Beyond its Doors of Guf, Additional Impact leads to an Anti-Universe (also referred to as the "World of God") where "something that was not human left behind the Six Spears of Adam's". It involves a cosmic object known as the Golgotha Object, which Gendo claims is the only place one can change fate, where human perception is shaped by LCL and dictated by memories and imagination. Gendo intends to use the Golgotha Object to start his version of Instrumentality, so that he can coexist with his lost wife Yui. Additional Impact comes to a close when Misato Katsuragi sacrifices herself and fatally rams the AAA Wunder into the Evangelion Imaginary, to send Shinji the Spear of Gaius.

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